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  1. FanFan Fan Club was my twitter account, long since suspended though, I've had other accounts but my email is banned for life from twitter and that's why I came on here. Wish I hadn't bothered now
  2. Ok i won't bite anymore, just annoying being called a taig, i fucking despise them. For the record I've been on twitter for years helping to expose various anonymous pape twitter accounts so I ain't no celtic fan. If people want to think I am then good for them
  3. Why? What have I said that makes you think I'm a tarrier? Why would a celtic fan be calling for Rangers to defend themselves against tarrier bloggers? Dosnt make sense. Not every new person on the forum is a pape you know.
  4. I ain't no fenian bastard pal, I'm just aware that these pape bloggers have been trying to damage Rangers for a decade and the club have done nothing. Maybe now from a position of strength the club can wipe these fuckers out , legally of course. How any bluenose can say they're not aware of these bloggers attacking Rangers defies belief in my opinion. Have you been offline since 2012?
  5. Will winning 55 spell the end for most of the deranged tarrier bloggers? I'm thinking John James, Phil, Harry Brady etc etc. Would love to see the Rangers board destroy just one of them before they disappear into the sunset.
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