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  1. It’s play to their fans on the Brendan shafted is line, he left, now he’s taking our players etc. Anything to spin a line.
  2. Does that mean we can go to Dubai after the Hibs game on the 27th?
  3. Hope he gets beaten. He’s an arrogant arse hole.
  4. Just seem a promo for McGregor fighting this weekend in yet another comeback. Don’t know much about MMA, but is there a chance he will get beat? Can’t take to him at all.
  5. I think the worst outcome is a small delay to matches, with the league being played to a finished upon resumption and the Scottish Cup being cancelled.
  6. If it turns out they have more positive cases I expect to see their result v Hibs changed to 0-3 defeat and forced to play the the Livi matches with the dregs of their first team squad and youths. I would also expect an enquiry and tough punishment, such as the 7 games Jones and Edmundson got.
  7. Tav better up his standards until the end of the season to beat Turnbull to POTY. If you believe the media.
  8. No sensible callers. Only complete yahoos who want blood please.
  9. I’m going to wear two masks and a visor. Pretty sure I’ll get in.
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