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  1. You’re all getting blocked, have a good day.
  2. Her Majesty and his husband Prince Philip The Duke Of Edinburgh at Ibrox.
  3. Wasting your time on a simple member, sad life of yours. We all have access to school and books.
  4. Well done lads, hope the cunts won’t be here to take them off. Nice touch.
  5. Social media can be so toxic these times, something to use carefully.
  6. The club is making the right choices, in time, and I’m delighted with that. I’m very excited to see what the summer will bring in terms of signings, sells and eventually new contracts and promotions.
  7. As usual, looking forward to see him progress and show his talent, in Scotland and Europe next year.
  8. That’s a very good news, that was about time.
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