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  1. This is my first account, but bon voyage 😂
  2. I’m now being blamed for this topic being in the bears den?
  3. So for the avoidance of doubt, should every poster here who liked Trainspotting, Glue, Porno etc be banned? Him being a massive cunt doesn’t change the fact he’s written some great books.
  4. Even if he’s a massive cunt he is a good author, pal.
  5. I didn’t know that, and he’s obviously a fucking scumbag who deserves kerb stomped doing such a thing. He has still written some of my favourite novels though
  6. Irvine Welsh is a great author tbf.
  7. Basically this. He’s seen as the best option available to continue meeting the quota. I’d be surprised if he gets much game time, but hopefully he’s at least an improvement on Greg Stewart, probably up there with our most pointless ever signings.
  8. He was also not getting a game for Brighton not long ago. Don’t see us getting anything like 10m plus
  9. Doesn’t fill me with much optimism, but we will see how it pans out. A guy with hardly any first team games who can’t get a game for Bournemouth is unlikely going to be good enough for the CL next year
  10. Gattuso was average with us and just a young kid. He focused on Ferguson instead which was understandable. Did it also baffle you when DA had us playing the greatest football we’ve played in my lifetime, regularly hammered the tims and also had us outplaying Bayern in the CL?
  11. One of our greatest ever players and imo he should have been a regular at Bayern and starring for Germany. He consistently showed against the top teams in Europe that he was a genuine world class player.
  12. What exactly do you expect him to say? Seems the generic sort of welcome any signing would get. And would we have signed him if the UEFA regulation wasn’t in place? Of course not. The end.
  13. He’s been brought in to meet the quota. If he wasn’t considered a homegrown player we wouldn’t be signing him. And Greg Stewart is absolutely miles away from the standard needed.
  14. Presumably he’s seen as a better backup squad player than what we already have. Pretty self-explanatory no? Do you think we signed Greg Stewart because he was genuinely good enough? Or do you think he was signed to help meet the quota?
  15. He’s just here to make up the numbers for the homegrown quota. I doubt we envisage any real future for him. We need to be developing our own players so signings like this aren’t needed.
  16. I think collectively this board gets it wrong a lot. Pretty much all of our squad are two games away from being world beaters, or written off as absolute shite
  17. Balogun came from Wigan and Helander came from Serie A. Balogun has been a decent signing, but he’s backup to Helander.
  18. We don’t play wing backs - it’s full backs if it’s a back 4. And Arthur Numan is easily the best full back we’ve had in my lifetime. David Robertson was good too, though he’s a bit before my time.
  19. Are you not aware of the Dennis system?
  20. You’re incapable of making any tangible points. I don’t think I’ve seen you make a single relevant post on here tbh.
  21. Every point is relevant, but if you think Ross County are a relevant club compared to us I’d suggest you take a hard look at yourself.
  22. It’s relevant to the point it’s another 3 points, but succeeding against a garbage team like that should have no relevance to our general strategy
  23. Everything I said is factual. Ross County would probably finish mid table in the conference
  24. Ross County are a conference level side - an irrelevance. Roofe has shone against vastly superior opposition in a 3
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