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  1. Aye, a bit like not wearing a seatbelt when driving. Hellish!
  2. Assume if you dont leave the stadium between Thursday night and the Sunday game you can avoid this process
  3. So Livvi can have a full house at any home game, all sitting within the same distance Ibrox would have between punters? Capacity 10,016.
  4. Like many covid related policies there will be very little "on the ground" policing. Purely a box ticking exercise.
  5. Curacao's finest player. I just hope he gets an opportunity. 2-3 average performances in this team, you're at the back of the queue. The challenges of being at the champions I guess.
  6. Perhaps our players are viewed as a good "team" member, within our successful team. Take the individual out of the team, does the perception and value somewhat diminish? Strange that after such a dominant season domestically, and some decent EL stuff, certainly in the group stages, we've had no bids we cant turn down, or have we?
  7. Me too. Enlighten me @TheKingObv . Is this a riddle?
  8. I'm happy with pretty much the status quo, plus some additions made well before the pandemonium of deadline day. We done our business early. Whether we had any genuine interest, or indeed offers or not for some of our sellable assets remains unclear, but fairly standard over the past couple of years whereby we have kept our cards close to our chest with our dealings. Whilst our only real challenger domestically now has to knit together a complete rebuild, we now go again, CL very much the objective. WATP
  9. Crossed my mind too. Perhaps punting him and one or two others out on loan reduces the squad costs, maybe this is the trade off, albeit slight, allowing us to go with a decent match squad, CL spot being the carrot.
  10. Aye, he was just a bit less shite than the rest of his mob
  11. Aye, the bit before the game when Hartson champions Ralston as first choice Scotland RB. Boydie's reaction was priceless.
  12. Paul, you complete fudhole of a man. You're entertaining me right enough!!
  13. Oh dear, apparently it was a Smash and grab job from us today..Haha!!
  14. Never understood the clamour by non Irish folk, to get to an Irish Bar, not in Ireland and spend the whole trip in it. Fuckin dafties.
  15. I'm pretty sure we'll win the tie over 2 legs but really need to start upping things. You could count on one hand anyone that's close to form so far this season.
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