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  1. Forrest, Mcgregor and Christie's involvement says it all about Clarke. All fell well short last season at club level, but no hesitation in putting them on the pitch today. Woeful
  2. Scotty Arfield, cup in one hand, salute with the other.
  3. Not just me then. 56 years old, bubbling like a baby since 4.30 this morning, it's hit home big time today.
  4. If you look at her picture and cover up her mouth, and her hair, and her eyes, and her nose, her hoose, dressing gown and napper, she's actually no to bad lookin. Thank fuck there's no option to expand the photo.
  5. Mmm, a rumour, and an unconfirmed one at that. So a made up story then.
  6. I'd love to help mate but I'm on my second bottle. I'm happy repeating your first verse. Guarantee when I see tomorrow I'll be humming away to this, wondering WTF it is! I'll await the finished version. Enjoy the weekend!
  7. Unbridled excitement. Not felt like this for yonks, about anything.
  8. Sounds like a Charlie Nicholas attempt at humour.
  9. Was that actually intended to be funny. Hope they fuckin drowned.
  10. I've actually got the "child on Christmas Eve" feeling going on, Stomach turning, cannae fuckin wait for this, and all that surrounds it.
  11. Cant agree more pal. I had a friend who took his own life, sadly, a few years ago now. These gestures were insensitive to say the least and I'm sure many of their own folk were disgusted too. Fucktards.
  12. Aye, hanover the trophy to the rightful owners now
  13. Jokes like that will get you an autobahn...
  14. Aye, realistic enough to know they cant compete, but then indicates they should be last 16 or better in the CL, and better in the EL. What a fuckin dimwit. As for hanging on to the spine of the team for a longer period, were they not rejoicing each time they looked at their bank balance based on player sales. "wanker of the week" nominations are now closed. Fuckin tosser.
  15. At very least factual with that one. However, Swap "Scottish" with "a Septic player" and he's not far off the mark.
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