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  1. Had him to score today @ 8/1. Cheers, big man.
  2. A dull second half took a bit of a shine off the result but good to see the kids and ultimately a delightful day for the Bears.
  3. This is how you deal with diddy teams, rest most of your first XI and give them a doing in the first half. Another three and we'll all be very happy.
  4. http://www.hesgoal.com/news/69266/Falkirk_vs_Rangers.html
  5. They're all in it together, says Popcorn. Aye, right enough.
  6. We need to win today so might as well go for Rangers -5 @ 11/1. I'd be happy enough with less, though.
  7. Six hours to while away before the day really starts. Expect Tav and Goldson to play with nine changes but we'll see. Hopefully Ross County can give us a good laugh earlier on.
  8. They are a good team but once again it feels like a loss. We really should be 100% in this group. This means a nervy game next week. A point should be enough. Better not fuck up, Rangers.
  9. You can't right them off but we are playing well overall and have the beating of them. Geez another quick one second half, Rangers.
  10. No surprises in the starting XI which hopefully will be good enough to see us through the tie. Alfie for a brace @ 10/1 will do me.
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