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  1. Shark attack incoming. Fucking hilarious. What a defence
  2. Expect the Jap on in the 2nd half. They need something. Kerryfail must be steaming
  3. He had a decent game today bar most of his crosses. Get that sorted and Borna will have proper competition
  4. The result didn't flatter us and there's a lot more to come from this squad. Let's keep it going v Malmo.
  5. We're playing quite well. Another goal pronto would help in case something freakish happens at the back.
  6. A few surprises in the starting XI but fully expect to be leading at HT and rack a few more in the 2nd. Big Leon anytime @ 9/1 will do me.
  7. Good decision. Any non-violent effort to stamp out racism is an effort worth making,
  8. Absolute fucking robbery. You are being mugged. mate. Rangers (-4) with Skybet is 10/1
  9. The tims lack quality all over the park which is great to see. Well done the Mydgies.
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