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  1. If you have to plan to stay off the drink, gear or whatever for the game, the likely hood is you have a problem.
  2. From the dude's list I'd say 14 are definite misses. The rest have contributed well enough in their time and others a helluva lot.
  3. Shocking that we dropped points there. McGregor will be going mental that it was his fault.
  4. Think we've played pretty well and in total control. Early goal 2nd half will kill it.
  5. Good team and strong bench. If we're on it we brush them aside. Rangers-2 @ 7/2 is tempting.
  6. A win's a win and three points are three points. That's all you can say about that game except great cross by our lad.
  7. Scotland playing pish. England losing.
  8. Replacing one morally bankrupt fucker with a bunch of morally bankrupt fuckers is probably worth commenting on.
  9. It depends on the standard of proof applied by UEFA. They can look at the evidence and decide on the' balance of probabilities'. I'm sure they don't need to base their decisions on a standard of 'beyond reasonable doubt' as a criminal court would.
  10. The sky monster won't help you Fashion. I still like you though.
  11. Had a feeling Patterson might start today. Good team, strong bench. On paper we should beat them comfortably. On the pitch the team need to show the fans that's a fact.
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