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  1. Disappointing tonight but they were deserved winners against a sluggish Rangers. We need to step up if we are to be in Europe next year. I think we can.
  2. We know what we can expect from that team if they stand up, except Lundstrum. First he needs to stand up and second show us what he's got. Hope he does. Send the fans home happy, Rangers.
  3. Timplosion time. No doubt the pundits and media and tims will only want to talk about the first quarter of the game and shrug off the rest as if it's going to go away.
  4. You don't need to support or vote for the SNP to support the idea of independence. Maybe that concept is too difficult for you to understand, I don't know.
  5. If they could, some posters on here would demand that fans need to show their ' Unionist Passport' before getting into Ibrox to support Rangers.
  6. Rangers are a football club. That's what they mean to me first and foremost. Sorry if that's not staunch enough for you.
  7. I'm pretty sure you can support Rangers and support Independence but not support or vote for the SNP.
  8. I can't bring myself to try to finish reading that. Get a grip, OP
  9. Tell me that's fake. They can't be that mental, can they? FFS, he currently plays for the tims B team.
  10. I understand disciplinary proceedings/meetings start tomorrow
  11. We ground it out for a deserved victory today. Need to start stepping it up soon though.
  12. Can't see that happening. As Cammy and Hoggy resigned the club will simply view it as between H&H and the scummy rag.
  13. It's from 2018. He's always been a cunt.
  14. But he didn't. They stepped back and he's going to do his best to fight the rags and journos involved. He's livid about Hoggy and Cammy's decision but understands it. I wish him luck, of course. Hope you do too.
  15. Going to miss Hoggy and Cammy. Wish they hadn't taken this decision but they'll know what they're doing I expect.
  16. Me neither. Anyone cut and pasted the shite yet?
  17. Looking forward to the Daily Update later. Get intae them, David.
  18. The latter occurred last week the former in the last decade. Big difference and context.
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