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  1. Just watched the game, very enjoyable. Interesting to see what our front three will be going forward, Kent is an obvious starter but any one of Roofe, Sakala, Wright, Hagi or even Aribo could play on the other side. As it stands I think we’ll start Kent Roofe Wright with Itten and Sakala coming off the bench.
  2. All rather embarrassing but not unexpected. One goal in three games, shelling long balls and hoping for scraps, Mcginn a national hero based on charging around and body checking opponents. Bye Bye Trannies.
  3. How could anyone think it was when there’s always a set pattern of Old Firm games at roughly the same times? If it was truly random there would be a chance of us playing them first game of season, imagine!
  4. Tournament has been poor, only group winners qualifying would sort it. Absolute nonsense having some 3rd place teams going through, most of the group games are just pointless.
  5. Send us some pics/videos of this carnival so we can all enjoy the fun x
  6. I think saying he “deserted” Rangers is a bit harsh? Davis and mcgregor have previously “deserted Rangers” do you have a problem with them? A young boy who’s never played for the first team going to one of the richest clubs in the world, to play and train with far superior players and probably change his families lives financially, is surely understandable? From what I’ve seen he’s usually complimentary about us and his time here as a youth.
  7. Stop quoting me and get out and enjoy the carnival atmosphere! Seriously mate, you described folk getting together with “family and friends” at the end of a “journey”. Go and have a good time, why waste time with a dick like me on the internet? Unless...could it be the carnival of tartan frippery isn’t really happening and it’s just a grey Monday where a team of celtic fans got pumped by the Czech Republic?
  8. That was bizarre. We only play for 3 a season yet 2 are “poxy”.
  9. It’s amusing that the folk who’ve let themselves be caught up in this drivel are lashing out at the folk who understandably don’t really want to support Steve Clarke, the SFA and 7 celtic fans out on the pitch. Each to their own and all that but making out people who either couldn’t care, or who find it funny when Scotland get beat, are somehow the weird ones is a bit odd. Personally I find forgetting the last ten years, forgetting Ryan Jack being roundly booed by the Scotland “support” and forgetting the ambulance chasing bigot in charge just because there’s some Saltires
  10. “Just generally enjoy the journey” Are you joking? They got let into a competition through various back doors for diddy teams and now they’re there they’re embarrassing themselves. Get the kilt on and flash at a neighbour, it’ll make you feel better, you must be tired from the “journey” 😂
  11. I’m having a lovely day. Your heroes couldn’t lay a glove on the Czech Republic. Over before you even got started. Embarrassing.
  12. Hahahahaha! you’re an actual joke, firstly no Aston Villa fans think john mcginn had a bad season and now the Tartan Army don’t sing “stand up if you hate Rangers”. Next you’ll be telling us they don’t boo Ryan Jack 😂
  13. You’re hurting real bad x
  14. Who’s self loathing? More than likely you I expect. I bet you even stand up when the Tartan Trannies sing “stand up if you hate Rangers”. You’re really sore aren’t you? You really thought Scotland were “sending them homewards tae think again, didn’t you?” Tragic.
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