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  1. I have no idea how to work this shit. I'll leave yous to it. Enjoy
  2. I didnt knowingly turn off pm on purpose. I also dont know how to turn them on. I also didn't know that I had to be glued to this and respond straight away. I've been a blue nose since birth. Had a season ticket in the east enclosure for about 10 years. All my old season books are in a box somewhere. Do you need proof?
  3. Cheers for the warm welcome folks. I apologise for the self indulgent long post. Cringed when I Read it back. 1st forum experience. Sorry Aye I might be a pure fud, but I'm no a tim. I'm not saying we shouldn't be celebrating. Far from it. I just think the whole idea of a march into town was exactly what our haters wanted. Mostly carried out in good spirits as expected, but plenty of cameras to film the inevitable carnage. Hope my paragraphing was better? I'm off to watch the latest cjnovo videošŸ˜³
  4. A couple of points that I wanted to set out. The first is that this season has been one of the most perfect that I can remember. The team has been outstanding and for the whole season we have not only had bragging rights due to on field dominance, but have also had the moral high ground as the full timplosion got under way. It has been pure class. 55 complete, everything was rosy. Massive crowds outside Ibrox for Stevie G arrival/ St Mirren game and trophy day - Great. Even though it was frowned upon by many.... tough, it was always going to happen and all the bears did the club proud. No complaints.... but WHO thought that marching to George square was a good idea. We ALL know how it was going to pan out/ how it would be reported, so...... WHY did so many do it? For the noise up? 10 thousand or so marching like lambs to the media slaughter. ANYONE hanging about George square for 4/5 hours drinking is going to see fights/ pishing in the streets etc. The hangers on in blue that are lucky if they have ever seen the inside of Ibrox stadium, who will gladly join in with actions that do not befit the standards of this club, have let our perfect clean season end with a stain on it and given all of the shark throwing bhampots a reason to be cheerful. I see a lot of posts saying that it wasnt that bad, and that we are being picked on by the police, the media, the SNP..... everyone else to blame? NO. Who ever that made the call to take the celebration to the city centre. THAT is who is to blame. Flares on the Clydeside, The death of Terry Munro, weekly updates from CJNovo all of the other videos that we have all lapped up..... jaded by the actions of a handful of morons. This close season should have been one of smug pride, instead we have provided every enemy of our wonderful club with the ammunition to highlight any negativity and bring us down a peg or two. I would think that we should NOT march to George square on flag day, when we lift 56 or any other day.... it's a recipe for disaster and is playing in to the hands of those who wish to destroy us. That sweet caroline doo doo doo video would have been ignored, not lambasted by agenda driven politicians if it wasnt for the George square loonball show. Time to wisen up and stop getting suckered into the wrong side of public perception. Stevie G has shown pure class mixed with passion. Our supporters have shown so much passion this season and it's up to those that care, to keep a lid on the bampottery that hangs around us. Yes I know, no one likes us and we dont care but let's not hand it on a plate to them. I'm looking forward to next season, and as Stevie G says "Let's go".....just not to George square please.
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