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  1. He simply isn’t good enough plain and simple.
  2. Barisic is hopeless at stopping crosses.Shagger was beelin at him
  3. Great to see his family happy at the end because they know they have made a special choice to come back here .They will love it
  4. Well one to everyone for this it looked simply amazing! No other teams supporters could create such a carnival atmosphere and beautiful classy displays that are befitting of our special club! Love them keep them coming.
  5. Boys never been given a chance but he would put more effort in than Goldson
  6. Every other team in SPL has young hungry players in the team every week while they are not internationalists they carry a dig and plenty of grit and drive. We have none of this
  7. Tav is never a captain,no inspiration and dig from him whatsoever.Goldson should be put in the reserves tomorrow an imposter. Some of the rest simply aren’t good enough/bored/looking at a move away.
  8. Some people get too comfortable in their job and lose the drive they have and the route to something better.A new manager will shake things up and renew the drive ,with that comes again the ambition to play in a better league,with good form that chance becomes more of a possibility. Some of them will see their good relationship with the last Manager as an opportunity to get that career step.However the old Mamanger may not want them so it’s not a certainty .
  9. Keechs wee spy will be writing anti McCann articles in the next few days☺️☺️
  10. Im guessing the flats are all empty and the company cars all returned also perfect timing with the international break. The board knew the same as them, all just been a slow PR exercise. The Malmo games was the deal breaker for all concerned.
  11. Should play the full song and also simply the best ,the short chorus just kills momentum
  12. Same as those two bead rattlers foamin at the mouth when Gerrard left .Si ferry and that cunt Slaney ,hope Gio comes and puts us 10 points clear by Christmas !
  13. I can see a few of our players playing out of their skin now to get a Jan dream move to the EPL ! Tav,Kent,Aribo,Kamara,Barisic and wee Alfie
  14. New Manager will lift the team and push them on,might be the best thing that has happened to give the players a new lease of life.I think Hagi playing where he should,Lundstrum getting better,Jack back and hopefully Patterson and Barisic kicking on will be a huge boost. Not sure how it will affect Allie,Roofe,Wright and wee Sakala going forward.Hopefully the end of Goldson and get Simpson up to speed before Katic comes in January. Exciting times ahead for sure can’t wait
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