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  1. There’s only one big Ang and its her from Mob Wives.
  2. Arsehole bastards, full of pedos, beast fans, fans of small provincial clubs ie st mirren, aberdeen, motherwell etc, nationalists, bravehearts pricks and just general bastards tbh. The bitterness pouring out of them is unreal, they have such a tinpot mentality, think Scotland is the best thing ever when its not its just a shithole now ruled by left wing arses. fuck the national team and the tartan fannies that follow them. They would murder anyone that had a positive outlook regarding the UK or England.
  3. Same here, as much as I like Nathan he’ll get destroyed by Rashford, Kane, Sterling, Foden etc.
  4. No matter who plays they’ll get pumped
  5. Can they hate Lennon anymore?
  6. They better get absolutely destroyed come friday. Absolute shit, anything less than 2-0 to England will be a disgrace.
  7. With the exception of maybe 3 or 4 all those players are shit.
  8. Big steve will console himself with a half bottle of glens tonight. Alky bastard
  9. Wonderful result, well played Czech republic. What a cracking second goal. A 4-0 defeat at Wembley will do nicely.
  10. Great score, keep it up and horse this lot 5-0 please.
  11. Disgrace that they are making kids watch Scotland in the schools.
  12. Venezuela are not a bad outfit in all fairness
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