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  1. Post a picture of your pish stained b&m pyjama bottoms and your cum stained lenova pc
  2. Well considering I was born and brought up in Glasgow it doesn’t seem that difficult to understand why I keep up with news from there?
  3. What you talking about ya roaster? I’ll be attending games as much as I can when I can get over so it is my concern, plus my old man, my brothers and other family still go to Ibrox? What concern is it of yours what I comment on the ticket office?
  4. To get this thread back on track, the ticket office is nothing short of shambolic and need cleared out from top to bottom
  5. Maybe, remember I’ve got an advantage, I get free blue badge parking
  6. No your shitty bed broke just at the point of climax so she had to drive me to A&E
  7. She enjoyed it because she got plowed on the wheelchair loading ramp
  8. Actually I was. I was in dear deidre when me and your missus were shagging and you didnae know.
  9. Mate you need powder thats been mixed in some guys rat infested kitchen thats probably been mixed with dazz and crushed up aspirin to get through the day don’t quote me again you junkie bastard
  10. Sums up you to be honest. You’re the type that would try and buy a ticket with a debit card at the turnstiles if you could get it out of your velcro barcelona wallet, although your pinned on mittens would probably hinder you quite a bit.
  11. I do actually but thankfully I’m not like you and wouldn’t expose them to that shit
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