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  1. Can’t really complain, 2-2 draw against decent premier league opposition. Will take that
  2. I mentioned a few pages back I worked with a guy who knew his wife’s friend
  3. Tag teamed by two Falkirk guys, one works in a Scotmid I think. Come on people she clearly did get fingered in Burger king probably where you pick up the salt and straws. The Chinese fella that doesn’t speak English must have gave leigh some prawn crackers while he pumped her and he’s that fucking thick he would have got distracted by that.
  4. Normally all those situations wouldn’t happen but its Leigh Griffiths and celtic we’re talking about here so anything is possible.
  5. If I got aroused over Griffiths’s missus I think that would be ideal time to call it a day mate From what I heard he knows about the fingering in burger king and the tag teaming incident (probably about the chinese guy that speaks no english too if that happened which it probably did) and he went mental, started smashing up his house etc but they kept it on the down low due to the negative publicity, shame and abuse he’d get.
  6. Mind boggling stuff how they’ve kept such a low value asset around to get nothing in return.
  7. Wouldn’t be surprised mate, not unless he’s in debt to others as well. Its no secret he is a gambling junkie who associates with the lowest of the low now he can add pedo to his list. Must be serious if a football club is paying known criminals an employee’s debt. Can imagine there’s a few people after him, Albanian’s and his Leith mates.
  8. She does the general consensus seems to be she likes the D. Definitely, I’m awaiting the other victims coming out.
  9. Apparently he cheats on her alot which is no surprise given the current allegations but she’s done it to him too. The funniest I heard although this one I find hard to believe is that she cheated on him with a chinese take away guy that didn’t speak English Supposedly she had it off with two guys from Falkirk she met on a night out at the same time but christ knows, wouldn’t put it past anyone associated with that cretin
  10. Would hope so mate but who knows, god help the poor bastards that got a whopper meal following the finger banging. Can imagine the big man wearing a burger king crown hat while he giving it to old leigh’s missus. Vile is an understatement. Heard as well that he is in debt big time to a couple of Albanian’s, supposedly one of them was hanging around his house and he seen them at his shed and he shat himself and hid in his house. Not that its any surprise to anyone but apparently he is thick as shit as well.
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