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  1. WTF is wrong with you? Disgraceful comments. You seriously need help. Need to pop up to George at Asda Robroyston. Hope you’ve chilled by the time I get back and seen sense.
  2. You’re becoming a bit creepy with your blue guy shit. You obviously have a personal issue.
  3. I can go with most of that. I didn’t see them as any great shakes. Committed yes. On our day we shred them, but too may under performers last night. As an example, Barisic hardly took on a player and poor in defending. Twice I seen him turn his back on the ball and the first was the cross into the box for the first goal. No excuses for that from a professional. Something that Steven had also previously mentioned preseason. We are a mega team compared to Malmö and we need to do it when it matters and last night was it. I don’t want to go to Ibrox next week and saying at least we went down fighting. This is a big chance for us and we have to grab it with both hands. Steven was obviously unhappy with our performance and I go with his conclusions. It only matters what he thinks and says. No reason why we can’t turn this around next week if our heads are in the right place. I expect a few changes in personal.
  4. You’ll be right and Steven will be wrong then…. …Gerrard told RangersTV: "I’ve just said to the boys in there, my opinion is there are six or seven that need to raise their level and raise it sharply." I’ll leave it at that.
  5. A few stealing a wage last night and nothing to do with them being fitter and more into their season. All about the attitude and there were a few shrinking violets, which Steven also mentioned preseason. They came at us hard and fast with a plan and we failed to respond. Malmö are far from world beaters. We have a great opportunity to qualify, so with several changes and a change in mentality, we can do it. We do the same as last night, we’re out.
  6. Be fucking spewing if the GCC don’t give us full capacity. Absolutely no need for this bureaucratic shite that GCC have no competence in.
  7. Sturgeon being a cunt. Football stadia should be open to full capacity. Having to apply to local councils is absolute bureaucratic meaningless nonsense. Just wtf expertise does a cooncil have in these matters? Exactly! The vaxxing works. End of. Cow!
  8. We’re still well in this and well capable of turning this around. They are no great shakes by any measure. Hungrier on the night and con artists per excellence. We need to get our act together. Sakala and Hagi need to start next week as Itten just not it and Arfield done. Hasn’t the quality either. As for Barisic, hardly took on a man, constantly back passing and turning his back on the ball. Guilty at the first goal for that. TBH not many pass marks tonight. Davis for that peach of a goal. On our game we shred them, so over to Steven to make the right changes, because doing the same will see us lose.
  9. We’re better than this. Need changes to turn it around.
  10. Fucking horrendous. A few just not at it. Barisic, Itten, Arfield the worst of them IMO. Change it ffs.
  11. This lad’s coming on a treat. Doesn’t have the technical ability of Borna yet, but he is better defensively IMO. Great physical presence and pace and doesn’t hide.
  12. Just glad to see natural order of things continue. Us at the top of the league and the scum at the bottom. Midgeyland we’re dung and the Hearts were dung and they couldn’t beat either. Easy to keep hold of a ball when the opposition allow you, knowing that they are bigger dug shite than you are! The scum will be dropping points to all comers in the league this season and will struggle to get second place, they are that bad and riots on the way. Now, show us the money Dermot!
  13. BLM is a distraction, but sadly ingrained into group think. Try and forget BLM and think about the abomination that racism is and just support our lads in this, because take BLM out of the equation we all do and that’s what matters. Get stuck into BLM in other ways if that’s your thing.
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