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  1. I'm still wondering whose second account @Rowley Birkin is.
  2. Thank you Tiger. Appreciated. Not every cookie comes out of the oven shaped as you would like. But still a cookie.
  3. Thank you for the like Tiger.
  4. I actually don't mind being called weird. No worries Tiger. I love cats by the way.
  5. And dreaming that the midfield dynamo due of Macgregor and Turnbull are 'winning' despite the team being 'beaten'. Dream on Ange.
  6. Better to generalise it a great deal. Water it down a lot so that it is much more inclusive to all, groups such as the disabled, wounded and elderly soldiers, injured public services - fireman policeman etc etc. Yes of course it will still involve anti racism but widen it out massively and it won't be booed. It will be much more acceptable.
  7. Couldn't the club publicly extend that taking the knee is not only an anti racist gesture but is also to acknowledge wounded and fallen soldiers, policemen killed in the line of duty etc etc.. It would solve the issue in a heartbeat.
  8. Aye, very unhappy indeed Tiger. Fuck the cunt.
  9. I'm like the marxist communist outer. Bring it on ya snp cunts.
  10. Fuck the marxist left who are generally against Rangers and our People. We are the People!
  11. Yeah I'll do that it might help alienate the snp fiends.
  12. Yeah, i don't know or understand how the left and Snp are attempting to break up the UK? Fuck off soap dodgers. I will fight tooth and nail against yese to preserve our UK. Allright cunt?
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