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  1. Wilson has done nothing of note. There is no Dave King to attract a footballing icon so it’s down to Robertson and co to muck about for weeks on end over dumplings like Deek. No faith in this board delivering. Their record prior to Gerrard was woeful.
  2. People also talked about not standing still. We stood still, we have regressed. Exactly what celtic did after 9 in a row. Imagine Postecoglou guides celtic to the CL. Gerrard’s position untenable.
  3. Come on Newcastle. You know it makes sense. Throw the £££££‘a at Gerrard and his backroom staff. The cycle is at an end.
  4. Where is the desire, the urgency, the want to get back into this match & turn it around. Managements inability to change this is ridiculous .
  5. Tip tap tip tap tip tap like we are 4 goals up. Team containing Brown at CB, Bates and McCrorie playing with their slippers on with & pipe in their mouth.
  6. Motherwell away on Sunday after this.Dropped points written all over it.this squad has run it ‘s course.
  7. This team barely have an equaliser in them let alone a winner.
  8. So slow and predictable. Everything an extra touch.
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