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  1. Never winning it 11 vs 11 which is worrying. An absolute shambles of a team So pleased we managed to pull ourselves together for some sort of performance though.
  2. Time to accept that this is us at our best and the players aren't underperforming or off form.
  3. It's been the same shit since the start of the season. Look out for a shit start at the second half too. Defence can't defend, midfield can't create and forwards can't finish.
  4. There was adults there who could've and shouldve stopped it...why didn't they? Did they encourage it? Did they participate in it? Those people are to blame not the poor kids.
  5. Haven't seen this posted but we nearly lost another goal from kick off in 2nd half. I mean wtf does it take for us and the manager to get a grip of this terrible starts? What is going on with those players?
  6. Can't see anything to be disagreed with in that. Sadly there won't be a change or an improvement. This is how we play now...this has been it for a while.
  7. We don't look like we could take 6 points off bambi let alone Brondby.
  8. My god that was terrible. Bassey is not a CB but my god how does that stop you from being able to head a ball? We can't defend, we've no creativity in the middle and our forwards are struggling to find the net with the minimal chances we do get. Management haven't improved any of the issues which have been apparent since start of the season. Manager isn't going anywhere unless he leaves, so hopefully the manager and coaching team get a grip and find a way to turn our players back into a team who can pass to each other and create & take the odd chance.
  9. I'd have that apart from swap Sakala for Morelos. While Sakalas goal was a tap in, he was in the right position at the right time. Morelos just hasn't been at it recently and I want something different and Sakala might be that striker that's in the right position at the right time more often than not. Either way...2-0 The Rangers
  10. One thing that annoys me is I can't really tell who the captain is anymore. There's no one that stands out. No disrespect to Tav, it's the same with any team in the spl. You used to go to games and even if you didn't know the team you certainly knew who each teams captain was...or that's how it felt back in the day
  11. Goldson is a good defender but he's not great, guilty as any of making mistakes and shit defending but has never been dropped so makes him look better than he actually is. As long as we are doing a proper job in identifying a replacement he can go if he likes. Kamara looks like he needs to go too. Harder to replace but looks like he wants away but at 50k he's repaid that a million times over.
  12. Why? He's been as guilty as any of passing them up. I don't know what our solution is other than players have to start clicking and taking those chances or be replaced in January. Too many playing like they're playing for a mid-league epl side who are happy just to be part of the occasion.
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