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  1. Hands up you've convinced me I could be wrong about this
  2. Hmm You'll be claiming you've actually been to Ibrox as a home fan next
  3. I'd be surprised if you weren't the only one that wanted to hear details about gay sex I might be having.
  4. Fair enough if it's an on going joke. See it a lot on here though and they sound serious, would be weird if they are.
  5. So it's not even that thread? What was I a prick about then, sticking up for McGregor? You've either got me mixed up with someone else or are just talking out your arse completely. Feel free to prove me wrong by mentioning any time I was a prick outside this or the covid thread.
  6. Never seen this weird paranoia about people changing user names like there is on here. First I was meant to be Blue Avenger and I wondered what this cunt must have done to make a few folk obsessed with him but then he starts posting and it's pure basic football talk. Who is it this time? If finding it pathetic to whinge about jokes or being called names is a rarity on this forum it's defo not representative of any Rangers supporters I've met. It's always been the actions of tims
  7. Apart from the covid thread and this one no one's argued with anything I've said, I don't know if you were one of the anti vacs cunts and have held a grudge since then or if you're mixing my up with someone else but if you look at any other thread there's no reason to think that at all.
  8. Quote the post where I stuck up for him even. So is it just him now and not since day 1? Away to your bed.
  9. We agree then - any posts on here that portray the person cares about those tweets are pointless and aren't going to be effective like the tweets were for H&H.
  10. Aye I know what you mean and I mentioned the last time that it will also be read by obsessed tarriers but they're not going to do anything are they?
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