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  1. Hallo a Dutch/Scotland (Scottish mother Dutch father) born in South Africa now living in fife. I am a feyenoord fan here possibly one of handful in Scotland hahaha. Anyway who so for me I need to put my input here. I posted posted this on another Rangers board and got banned so I hope you dont ban me i find it interesting that you are going in for gio van bronkhurst. You possibly want to know his style well apart from the first season even then it was hard to watch he plays a flat 4321 almost like the junk prossies from Amsterdam under cruyff he likes a possessive style of passing. You wont get a lot of high scores under gio (apart from first season where we had few 568 goals) as it is like 30-40 to go from goal to forward. Think of it is split in 3 zones like 10-15 passes per zone even then he wanted ball to go back. champiobship winning team we were kind of lucky to win that year came down to wire. If it wasnt for dirky kuyit in last game we were lost league to Amsterdam junky prossies. even then the Amsterdam junky prossies were in transit. now positives under gio you would have about 60-85% possessions but most as said would be between back and mid zones if you have clinical strikers like Morelos he would thrive but it would mean you need to convert chances. But you would get on average 20-30 shots at goal. negitives you would only get 1 way playing no as you say plan bcd etc. It wont be long till teams start to know how to play against. When that happens you would be pulling hairs as it gets boring. Example there was a game where we had less than 4 shots on goal as it was cross defended pass back between midfield to defence to defending to keeper to defending to midfielder to defending. all in all he only won 1 league trophy 2 knvb cup and 2 cruyff trophy hope this helps with you with gio my opinion is he is a great player who is 50-50 manager this is my opinion forever orange
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