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  1. Not a chance in hell gerrard plays hagi as a sitting midfielder, your scrambling now We lost Jack and aribo to injury, 2 players, 2 injuries forced us to play davis for 90mins well over a year after he was finished at this level for us
  2. Edmundson is a part of the squad that conceded 18 league goals before covid hit, raw or not this is scottish football, its shite lets be honest, he's more than capable enough as shown last season If we need 4 fit centre halves, why didnt we try sign one in january when helander was crocked?
  3. Plenty enough options? 2 injuries forces davis to play 90mins and you think thats good, Fucking hell
  4. Fuck that would have been a massive loss, who would we put on the bench now Balogun wasnt needed and still isnt, we had a fantastic defensive record last season with goldson, katic and edmundson, now helander is fit he replaces katic and we still have a fantastic record barring the hibs game, Taking 2 back fours to easter road while having to play davis for 90mins due to 2 injuries is a shambles,
  5. Aye the reason is happened is because we didnt bolster the midfield when everyone was fit, nevermind when they are crocked
  6. Totally agree, watching davis and jack take the ball off the centre halves with no opponent near them is soul destroying
  7. We won't win the league if davis needs to play due to injuries or suspensions
  8. Roofe is a striker, playing him behind morelos will waste him, especially when thats hagis best position Id rather he went 4132, especially at home when two sitting mids arent fucking needed lol
  9. Katic is out for 6 months from early august, that was the reports, he'll be kicking a ball again before the season is out The transfer window is open till October 5th, why did we rush out to replace katic so quickly, why didnt we wait and see how things panned out, The reason its a bad thing is because we knew we needed a midfielder before the summer, we've had two injuries there and we still havent filled the spot nevermind covered the injuries The one position we badly needed improved on pre covid still hasnt been improved,
  10. We play one out and out striker, having 4 is overkill given we needed other parts done first I argued with many when Balogun was signed that it wasn't what was needed at the time, helander has stepped in and aside from the second goal yesterday, has been really good, We needed another striker, roofe was linked heavily, we got him good, itten came out of nowhere but again it wasnt needed then, not when you have Davis having to play 90mins due to 2 injuries to midfielders, If morelos stays, were gonna have 3 strikers playing backup, eatinf a ton of wages and costing between 5 an
  11. 2 players for every position, many strikers do we have again?
  12. You don't think its a disgrace that we took 10 defensive players to easter road out of twenty, Gerrard has spent nearly 30million quid, its his 3rd season and we went to easter road with ten defensive players out of a a squad of twenty, gave davis the full game, and had barjonas and jones on the bench Id say thats a fucking shambles no question about it
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