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  1. If we're gonna go down that road then gerrard didnt find anyone, it was our scouting team
  2. Problem is that gerrard clearly has his favourites, every manager does, between roofe, morelos and sakala they have scored 4 league goals in 7 games, one of which was a penalty, given how we dominate every game thats a terrible stat between they 3, After scoring twice in pre season itten deserved a proper shot imo,
  3. Tav was injured for weeks and barely played before the end of the season, and when he did the games were meaningless as the title was done Then he had a summet off till we went back, if his fitness is shite then its certainly not on the amount of games he played, Its nothing to do with fitness, most of these guys are fitter than the rest of the league, its something else, something about them taking a chance during games, last season we had more freedom to try risky stuff as the tarriers were imploding on a weekly basis, if we stretch our lead over them we e might find the team playing with a bit more fluidity and bravery
  4. He's playing well, wonder how much of an influence garcia has, he is an absolute beast at the ryder cup, defo a future captain
  5. At one point it was 2.5-1.5 in favour of europe, thats when your captain and vices step up to rally the players to finish strong, to get the character out of the guys As i said earlier there is none in the euro team, and the captain doesnt inspire much either by looks of things
  6. They play with their backs to goal because they need to, its the only way they can see the passes to them and get the ball, We dont play a system that allows the strikers to sit on the last defender waiting on the ball through,
  7. Probably because walters second spell he won 3 titles, 3 league cups and 2 scottish cups in 4 and a half years, plus a European final and 3 CL group stages Performances like today are a copy of gerrards first two seasons when he won nothing, and what probably annoys people more is that last season he tweaked is various times to change it up and it worked, it brought out performances and wins This season we dont seem to be wanting to try anything different,
  8. Yup, fuck knows why cause our one touch football at times is fucking devastating to opponents
  9. Not so much a meltdown, but its the fact we have still to play the likes of hibs, hearts and the sheep in the league, we laugh at the tarriers not winning away this season, arguably two of their toughest opponents and the 3rd was a venue they haven't won at in years Its like we don't seem to be trying anything other than small tweaks to the system and simply trying players everywhere hoping something works, we never really try to surprise an opponent, or throw their plans out the window by doing something unexpected, take the malmo home game, they went down to ten men and simply flooded the middle of the park knowing wed just luml cross after cross into the box till the full time whistle
  10. 9 blocked apparently, 7 off target, but its the idea that we aren't creating clear cut chances, its always a hurried shot, or a desperate attempt even if a defender is in front of us, How often in a game do we carve a team open, how often do you see any of our players 1v1 against the opposition keeper, not many if any at all
  11. We did that often pre new year in the first two seasons, post new year the arse fell out of us, Keep playing as we are that post new year arse collapse might be brought forward a month or two
  12. Nah, even if today finished 10-6 i think the europeans don't have enough characters to bring it back final day, yanks have as good a team as europe, but they have character in abundance, europe dont have the swagger anymore,
  13. Its the system, that fucking God awful 3 sitting nonsense and make the fullbacks play the ball into the box is brutal We've tried every player in every position they can play in, sooner or later the system must be questioned
  14. Midfield can't control a game????? Today we had 69% of the ball, we had 19 shots on goal and 3 on target, 83% of our shots roughly are off target, Dundee had 31% of the ball, 12 shots on goal with 6 on target Its nothing to do with controlling the game, its how fucking shite we are up front, pre covid shite 3 shots on target from 19 is an abysmal stat, not just a poor one but abysmal In the league we are averaging less than 2 goals per game scored, conceding less than a goal a game, and the goals scored is skewed by us scoring 7 in the livi and county games, 5 goals in 5 games is fucking awful
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