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  1. Fuck that, how do you pick the 5k out of the 40 odd thousand that paid for them
  2. Sure a few on here at one point said he wasnt, he just lucked into his move with us
  3. Absolutely no way the government will give our fans a title day after George square lol
  4. Fair nuff, he did, but he was never a bear ib the first place, he's only doing now what he feels is best for the mob who currently pay his wages, to me thats fair game Plus what he was rumoured to have done during admin was admirable
  5. You mean he acted like a model professional and done all he can to help his current club, he seems to do whats best for his employers, thats admirable tbh, Not like he's a bear anyway,
  6. Out of curiosity, why is Broadfoot an arsehole?
  7. For an ex tarrier, he has never really spoke badly of us as well, anytime ive seen him talk of us its always bigging us up
  8. I was 11, still mind the big man someone twisting his neck somehow and putting it by the keeper
  9. It was the cup final, Durrant scored first, big davie nearly broke his neck scoring the own goal, then super came off the bench to score the winner with the overhead kick,
  10. Fight night round 3 was fucking tremendous
  11. Agreed, looks very capable and will probably do no wrong for us, but shagger just has that thing about him where you know he'll produce a wonder performance when we need it
  12. my POTY, how many games has he stopped us going behind before we got the finger out, or saved us from dropping points as we eased off Id say he's worth ten points a season himself minimum, not including the confidence boost he gives the defence in front of him who then play better
  13. Dunno, helanders greatest ability is his footballing brain defensively, being in the right place etc, Down south its more of that requirement and less to do with being able to handle big long balls up to strikers who want to elbow the shit out of you etc Its less physical, more football if you get me
  14. I read that fucking post twice and i swear i dont remember seeing that bit 😂😂 I really do hope the guy meant the next deep lying playmaker great and not specifically pirlo lol As it stands, ive always thought hagi in our midfield 3 would be a good option, he gets the ball the now and usually has a lumbering brute kicking lumps out of him right away with impunity from the officials, maybe getting the ball deeper, when theres less chance of being smashed, would allow hagi time to pick the passes we know he can
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