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  1. Why not, doesnt matter what type of striker you are, someone like defoe could easily pass on some tips to you, even just about your movement in the box or feigning a run to get space, defoe was a predator in the penalty box,
  2. Agreed, looked a level above the others at times,
  3. NYC was complaining of home sickness was he not just as covid shut the world down, im sure there was a story that he had left last summer then he appeared back with us lol
  4. He just looks so at ease at the club that he'd probably take a job selling matchday programmes if it meant he stayed here when he retires from playing altogether
  5. Imagine being any striker at the club, not just a young one, but even guys like itten and roofe, and they can go to someone like jermaine defoe and ask advice about their performances, especially in and around the box How fucking good would that be
  6. The best ever domestic team, because they were so good or because they had no challenge? Remember their first two trebles were against warburton and pedro's rangers team, Im not being negative, imo im being realistic, if people don't agree that's fine, just like i didnt think the 4x treble winning tarriers were the best thing ever, they just had no consistent competition
  7. Not once did patterson look anymore out of his depth than anyone else on the park, and at times he looked better than some, the boy has developed into a class act already, just need to find him more game time to continue the development
  8. No we won the title by march because our nearest competition were so fucking rotten that they had fucked it up so badly Were the tarriers superb the season before when they were 13 ahead and likely about to bitch slap us at ibrox before the league shut down We still had to beat what was in front of us, and we did with style, and determination amongst other things, but to deny that our nearest competiton didn't implode ia wrong Jesus they were still actually in it until they decided to fly to dubai mid season for a piss up 😂😂
  9. Of course it means so much, but the same could be said for the 74-75 season but i bet half of they players are unknowns to our support the now Its just my opinion but to me legendary status should be as little people as possible so that it retains its uniqueness, the barca bears for example, our only euro trophy winning team, the 9iar players, achievements that will likely never be repeated (although given how fucking abysmal the tarriers are, we could go for 9 at least again 😂😂) Perhaps instead of legendary, the squad this season should have its own marker, the squad that completed
  10. Nah, they deserve massive applause etc, but legendary status should be kept to the minimum so aa to not dilute it, essentially you are putting guys like roofe, itten etc on the same mantle as the barca bears and the 9iar guys
  11. He isn't underestimated, but he's nowhere near a legend when you think of the ones we have And tbh the league season wasn't a competition, winning the title by march isnt a competition, we call out browns achievements at the tarriers cause they had no competition, so we cant throw that away when the tables are turned
  12. The rotating is a good idea, hopefully its a bit more even game wise though and not 8 games for tav and one for patterson though, patterson has the potential to net us an absolute fortune in the future, but he needs lots of game time now
  13. People seem to forget the times when we were routinely embarrassed by the tarriers, or the two collapses under gerrard and the comments made by tav last season about pressure Tav has been a great servant, but a legend is a massive leap, one league title in a season we didnt have any real competition (lets be honest, the tarriers were a bombscare from the CL qualifiers lol) doesnt mean legendary status Captains us into the CL group stages and we win the league and possibly a cup next season then the debate has more merits maybe
  14. Clarke would be a roaring disaster for them as well, he's never once been in charge of a team that was expected to win, it was always the underdogs he had and he set them up accordingly Can you imagine the tarrier fanbase when they go away to the sheep or hearts and clarke sets them up for a point first with 3 being a bonus
  15. Seemingly keane told them to fuck off as well as he knew he wasnt first choice lol
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