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  1. The tierney transfer was stated money up front, thats why it broke down at first as arsenal said no, they apparently then agreed to it, Maybe they paid all their transfer buys last season up front as well, we wont know until the accounts come out, but the money they owed and the expenses are all figures taken from the june 19 accounts Year end June 19 the tarriers revenue was 86mill iirc, they made a 3mill loss as their expenses were 89mill, 89mill to run a scottish football team is suicidal, now since june 19 they only really got rid of tierney, but they added a good whack to the p
  2. They missed CL last season as well, the year they sold dembele they played europa league till last 32, they made a small loss, the accounts for them up to end of june 19 had their operating expenses at 90mill, dont be surprised if thats higher unless they pulled a fast one and the deferred wages meant their wage bill was lower for 4 months up to june 20 However the tierney money was all up front, dembele money is almost paid no doubt, and they haven't had any other worthwhile sales bringing in the monthly dough, they however owed 30mill in purchases by june 19, add in julien, and whoever
  3. They did sell a player last season though, tierney and europa last 32 got them a good few quid towards paying their expenses, what they will lack is matchday revenue from march onwards, which wont be that much tbh, However the horrific part will be the operating expenses (might be higher than last accounts) plus their trade payables (money owed in transfer fees which sat at 30mill last accounts Usually clubs buy and sell players both in installments, what you get in you pay out with slight variations of course, but tierney money was all up front, and the bulk of dembele might be as
  4. More rumours coming out now that their accounts are going to be horrific
  5. Was gonna batter into that tonight, read up on the disaster and it sounds horrific for the crew
  6. Dunno about their wage bill, but last years accounts had their operating expenses at 90million, thats fucking atrocious for a scottish team The tierney sale last summer bought them time, they needed to flog someone big this summer, 😂😂😂😂
  7. As januarys collapse showed though, its easier to fix a leaky defence than a misfiring team You mention nervousness, imagine how it would be drawing 0-0 at home to say st johnstone with ten minutes to go If your defender costs you points by switching off, he can be subbed or replaced next game, if you dont score one game, it could be down to the chances created, the strikers its falling to or how the opposition defence plays, much harder to fix
  8. Up until the weekend though they were only a goal behind us with a home game in hand, for as shite as they have been this season they were still scoring goals, as much as clean sheets and great defence is good to have, we really need to be more ruthless up top, It sounds daft but id rather win 5-4 every game than 1-0
  9. Agreed, and its strange that out of all the positions, tav and barisic are the only ones who dont have viable cover, even if we want to count bassey and patterson, they dont get enough game time to have decent match fitness that they could be brought in for rotation purposes
  10. The fact we have a back 4 that are consistent and settled speaks volumes for our start to the season, aside from one goldson clanger costing us at hibs we have been pretty consistent, i doubt any defender has rated below a 7 in games, and given walter used to build his success on stuff like that, then we are on the right road After yesterdays result its now up to gerrard to continually coach that consistency into them, dont let that slide and we're onto a winner
  11. Nah, for me helander is the rough and tumble one, look at him blocking everything yesterday, even with his handsome napper And tbh its a pairing that works well, the same way boughie and weir worked arguably better than weir and cuellar, you need that centre half thats willing to step up with the ball instead of midfielders dropping to them to pick the ball up
  12. Best defender at the club, dont think there is a contest now, look at his positional sense yesterday, making near post blocks on both sides of the goal, the one time the thumb got away from him i dont even think ajer meant the pass to go through to him, both goldson and the tarrier he was marking were both taken out the play as the pass was utter dung
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