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  1. Yeah, the tarriers have been way worse than us, doesnt change the fact that at this stage of january last season we had dropped 1 point more in the league, and that was due to a tarrier home loss, this season for how great its been, we've actually dropped more points to diddies than we had done by this date last season, and the same issues with struggling to break down teams is happening at exactly the same point as last season We'll still win the league, we still have the better players, but its not wrong to say the same struggles that we witnessed last season are happening again at this
  2. Last season we had won 20 league games out of 23 before the wheels fell off, and the reason they fell off is because we stopped being a threat going forward, due to morelos going off a cliff and us not having sufficient replacements for him So far this january we have scored 4 goals in 3 games , one was an OG in a home game we didn't even manage a shot on target, 2 were against 10 men and one was against the bottom of the league who we battered 5 by earlier in the season on their own turf So as much as cutting them slack, we are almost in the same position as we were last season and
  3. That makes it sound like jullien still has it and only him
  4. How did anyone at the club think he was going to be anything less than full postal in his first interview back 😂😂
  5. Stinks of tennents super lager as well, he might have had over a week, but you csn be damn sure he only sobered up this morning
  6. Zungu, davis, kamara Hagi, itten, morelos Would have been easier had i typed that out 😂😂
  7. How the fuck did a self isolating player have it now, jullien would have caught it in dubai, so say 5 days after he tests positive is when one of his close contacts would have got it, yet everyone has been isolating for a week now at best, certainly his close contacts would have been at least 7-10 days ago I wouldnt be surprised if this new case was live last week but it would have meant even more first team players isolating
  8. Ooffttt that's a meltdown and a half from him
  9. Swap hagi for zungu, and defoe for hagi and itten for morelos Thats what id go with
  10. Why cant it be both, everyone knows the most money made in europe is the group stages, all domestic cups finish after the group stages have been entered, nothing stopping both happening
  11. Both you and forever and ever's arguments are correct unbelievably
  12. As i said when someone asked me, id start itten up top, morelos and hagi off him at the others of the front 3, and id play Zungu instead of aribo, the cup game is harsh on both bassey and zungu as they all didnt play well, bassey was sold short by kent for their penalty, zungu struggled as the whole team was all over the place, Same system but putting players in that maybe feel more comfortable in their roles
  13. Aribo is part of the midfield 3, wether he's deployed further up or whatever he clearly isnt playing well in that role, but he persists in playing him there Kent has been rotten for weeks barring two assists against the sheep, how he last 87mins yesterday was unreal, defoe for him should have been the sub As ive said the system is fine, its working when the players are on it, but two defo aren't yet they still play even though we have other options, why not try the other options
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