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  1. Bringing the game into disrepute?
  2. I agree he was a great player but he has been playing the tame prod to long to our enemies in the mhedia
  3. From facebook Rebecca Mennie is with Veronika VeselovaRicksen. · 1 hr · Please if you see this article disregard it. Fernando is well and enjoying his time at home with his family at present. He is very much still attending public events so far #Keepfighting #Nosurrender #absolutelegend #inspirational ?
  4. The biggest disgrace was that there was a POTY event. Not one of those spineless cunts deserve an award.
  5. To paraphrase Club1872, "shut up and give us your money". They will never see one penny from me.
  6. It's not really difficult for those of us who seen both play for Rangers. DJ was the best in the air I have ever seen but Hateley was a more technically gifted player.
  7. Seems like George was there in an official capacity, PMSL
  8. Did that guy Morelos skinned have to buy a ticket to get back into the game?
  9. Great statement. Sounds very much like the work Vanguard Bears do.
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