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  1. A Rangers legend as a player but its no reason to employ him as a coach.
  2. I love that man. He is everything a Ranger should be , honest, dignified, intelligent but most of all a WINNER.
  3. Don't know if its still there but My favourite was in Londonderry with Iron Maiden's Eddie on it.
  4. We could join in with all the London team supporters in showing the scum what we think of them. In a non violent way, of course
  5. "Me thinks he doth protest too much", William Shakespeare
  6. I know its good for forum post but the days of old clapped out players coming back is over. We are moving forward with Mr Warburton not looking back.
  7. No just that all Chinese people are from the east
  8. One of the best examples of Julescotia's work and it's the day we won the league IMHO
  9. Superb and topped off with Tom Miller's speech at the end.
  10. There was congratulations on twitter from a Linfield Director at about 10 PM last night
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