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  1. Horrible statement that reaks of desperation to get rangers fans on his side.
  2. But surely if there is a 'god' I will be alive in heaven? And regarding child abuse; another good reason why religion belongs in the past.
  3. Can't wait till a few 100 years when religion is binned by the world and put into the 'fairy tails' category, how everyone will laugh at this proddy heritage rubbish.
  4. Wether or not you believe the songs sung today where right or wrong, no cunt should ever grass in their own teams fans. I believe Rangers where wrong releasing this statement during the game, escalating the situation even more, it seems this is the fault of this Andrew Dickson, im guessing he is also in control of the rangers twitter page?
  5. Suprised they never went for the old Diamond White cheap ass cider as its there fans drink of choice.
  6. Yes the UB have a small 'core' group that is very tight-knit and can't be joined only invited. Not sure about TBO.
  7. As far as I recall, the UB no longer sing super rangers with the words 'fenian bastards' in the song, they sing it with 'rebel bastards'.
  8. I think some people here have a short memory; not just that wanker Thompson putting the foot into us when we where down, but making us pay again for a abandoned match in 2009. Who cares if Rangers get 1/2 ticket money! Its not like we are in a dire financial situation anymore and are in desperate need the ~£1000 that the game might bring in. Don't put your money ahead of your morals. Boycott them.
  9. Shambles from Elgin, nothing but money grabbing on their part.
  10. National football is shite as a whole. But the scotland team are nationalist to the core. No thanks, Rangers first, Rangers last for me.
  11. You think we are throwing away £1million? No chance, its a competition, too apply will probably cost a shit load, and possibly make rangers a few bob profit at the end of the day out of this.
  12. I was standing at the back of the singing section, heard someone having a proper go at someone about being a grass, thought a fight was about to break out. Anyone know anything else about this?
  13. I need two as well, going to just go down to the stadium a bit early to chance my luck.
  14. Also putting my name on the list for needing two tickets. Cheers.
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