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  1. Will dundonald just be corporate only now ?
  2. Aye I knew that. Know a lad who is a member and getting flung out.
  3. Cheers guys need to look at some of them. Our course is closed and I’d think the rain is gonna make it pretty soggy rest of this year.
  4. Any decent links courses no more than an hour from Glasgow ?
  5. Think big butcher was one of furthest scored. V Raith in a game.
  6. We plan on going back next year maybe for 3/4 days.
  7. Cracking weekend , Dunbarnie is going to be a cracker of a course when it beds in properly. Crail Balcomie is also stunning with some of the best driving holes hitting over the side of the beach , yes I found sand 😂😂 If my trip to America gets cancelled next April I would definitely go up to Fife for 4/5 nights and play some of the courses.
  8. Dumbarnie links today and Crail Balcomie tomorrow, weather gods are being kind to us as well ⛳️⛳️⛳️🏌️🏌️🍺🍺
  9. Cracking day or more, I got home on the Tuesday I think 😂😂 As BE said helicopter Sunday will take some beating but when we do eventually win another title it might be up there
  10. You not fancy Mendy as a player? He was badly let down last night by Sterling who didn’t help him at all especially as he was on a booking.
  11. Someone said Barker has had 13 hamstring injuries in his career. Not sure if true but worrying if it is.
  12. 😂😂. Nah. Alls fair in the bidding. And my dinner wasn’t that good ☹️
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