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  1. First day not great but second day we played well.
  2. Was free mate. heritage is invite only international I think is 159
  3. Last weekend played both courses at London club , sensational up to trump international and cruden bay this weekend
  4. Played our memorial golf day at dunkeld. Wow that’s one climb of a course.
  5. Got tickets for Friday and Saturday, looking forward to live cricket. Just hope it’s no finished by then.
  6. Super grass super grass hang your head low 😂😂😂
  7. Played Montrose yesterday. Cracking track but not sure it’s a hundred quid track.
  8. Went to the malmo away game. We were lucky some Swedish bears helped us out with tickets as that was during a 1 game fan ban for singing naughty songs 👀👀
  9. Dont make me give you a warning for bad language mate 😂😂😂. Tav is spot on in this and hopefully fans now realise why they are doing it.
  10. Dumbarnie links today and Crail Balcomie tomorrow can’t wait. Played both before and cracking courses.
  11. Aye Balcomie. I’ve played both but much prefer that one.
  12. Also got Dunbarnie and Crail booked. Played both them before but when the deals are there it’s mad not to use them.
  13. It’s difficult situation. ECB are already under scrutiny for the alleged policies they had in place. Personally I would allow him to be selected but use him as an example. Get him out working in all the communities and hopefully he realises how lucky he is to be getting second chance.
  14. Booked trump international and Cruden bay. It’s magic the yanks can’t get over we are getting some cracking deals.
  15. Everyone was warned and warned again about this but nobody listens I wouldn’t trust any of them They said Dingwall couldn’t stand as he has offensive tweets. Fair enough. Step forward the disgraced ex director who was removed for racist tweets. Yet he’s running the show behind the firewall of the three stooges.
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