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  1. Think big butcher was one of furthest scored. V Raith in a game.
  2. We plan on going back next year maybe for 3/4 days.
  3. Cracking weekend , Dunbarnie is going to be a cracker of a course when it beds in properly. Crail Balcomie is also stunning with some of the best driving holes hitting over the side of the beach , yes I found sand 😂😂 If my trip to America gets cancelled next April I would definitely go up to Fife for 4/5 nights and play some of the courses.
  4. Dumbarnie links today and Crail Balcomie tomorrow, weather gods are being kind to us as well ⛳️⛳️⛳️🏌️🏌️🍺🍺
  5. Cracking day or more, I got home on the Tuesday I think 😂😂 As BE said helicopter Sunday will take some beating but when we do eventually win another title it might be up there
  6. You not fancy Mendy as a player? He was badly let down last night by Sterling who didn’t help him at all especially as he was on a booking.
  7. Someone said Barker has had 13 hamstring injuries in his career. Not sure if true but worrying if it is.
  8. 😂😂. Nah. Alls fair in the bidding. And my dinner wasn’t that good ☹️
  9. Played yesterday with 40 bears in a Memorial Day for my mate. That was our 13 year and the best day we’ve had. Auchterarder as host were amazing from arrival till leaving. At short noticed I’d like to thank @Hamie for coming and @Skelf for also playing. Clarkston RSC won it with a very impressive 55.3 score . It’s not a long course but quite quirky and some of the greens can make you look quite foolish
  10. I’m sure there’s not mate.
  11. Brilliant from Crawley but for Pakistan playing in test they need to win the run rate for a day was shocking. They’ve virtually no chance now.
  12. Bunkered are now doing trips , we’ve booked a 1 night stay in fife playing Dambarnie links and crail and staying at Lundin links.
  13. Had the pleasure of being at a table with Tam and Davie Wilson few years ago. A gentleman and a proper Ranger in every sense. Rest easy Jaws, you lived our dreams 💙💙💙
  14. He wasn’t ineligible, he’s a wanker who broke his own clubs rules and will get punished by them. His club will also be punished I’d imagine
  15. Does it really matter ? Manager said the fees banded about in papers were way off the mark.
  16. That’s the one I seen. The guys running down after the winning runs is fantastic 😂😂😂
  17. Another great advert for test cricket. Game had everything, glad we won and hope the next test in Southampton is as exciting.
  18. The wee bit about Pakistan crickets class. See that game on the mountain. If/when we are allowed to play in Pakistan I think it’s a must visit test series.
  19. I’m just shocked that folk are shocked that Pakistan are playing well, it’s not done yet , they have some very good bowlers and a batsman who is getting into the Smith and Kohli mould of respect. Anyway let’s see what today brings
  20. Woakes seems to get better each test. It’s a dilemma but as you say his batting is decent
  21. Played the dukes yesterday, greens were shite and not what I was expecting. Not worth the money guys for anyone thinking of going.
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