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  1. If anyone has tickets for other football matches, concerts or other sporting events please send me a PM and I will get them listed. Thanks
  2. i lasted 3 holes yesterday it started pissing dwn after i hit 1 out of bounds
  3. does the westwood bus not go from EK
  4. thats the attendance they want to think they got it was a good 8k less
  5. no mate youre ok i just told folk in thread that i had picked up my clubs tickets and to inform folk they were on sale
  6. all numbers start 5000***** make up any you want using another 5 digits to replace the asterixs
  7. i think he will be on the bench and come on after we go 3-0 up
  8. im assuming beattie was registered before close of SPL offices on friday at 5pm
  9. i dont think jelavic will start on sunday, even if everything is sorted before the 5pm deadline tomorrow
  10. have you tried to contact the club or the club historian as they might be able to help you out if i see durrant i will ask him if he knows anyone who can help
  11. no think you can email them or just turn up at the hamilton shop with cash and they will sort you out £20 per ticket
  12. we know where hes from as i checked his ip address and hes not from garngad maybe he registered to find out about glasgow when his team visited last season
  13. nobody accused him of being a tim so lets not go down this route
  14. was talking to canadianbacon yesterday and he was of the view that this deal was not dead
  15. lets not ya rancid bheast your are the weakest link goodbye
  16. correct mate think he might be a bullshitter or a guy who lives outside austria but is a fervant rapid fan
  17. im gonna miss his taxi queue skipping routine were he gets belted
  18. got some for the bus thru today
  19. Put that sensible hat away mate this whole thread is qiute sad , the guy hasnt signed, played or even been caught pished on a night out with mcgregor and most of our fans want to put the boot into him at least let him play before any comments about his ability please
  20. just hope this guys as pish as everyone on here thinks he is heaven forbid our manager knows more than most of us anyway if you sign tommy welcome and i hope you prove your ability thts seen you play in the EPL
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