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  1. 8 hours ago, psb07158 said:

    Confirmed for October - I'm buzzing. Hopefully the world is back to normal as I'll be flying out there for these games, if so. 

    The games in England will be worth it for Babar Azam alone. 5th in test match batting rankings, 3rd in ODI, 2nd in T20. The boy is a bona fide superstar. Just led the Karachi Kings to the PSL title yesterday. 

    Too close to Ashes in November or I’d have really looked at this 

    Our summer schedule is good. Will definitely do Leeds again and if I’m lucky get a wee day out at Lords. Few mates want to do Trent bridge so would be rude not to. 

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  2. 36 minutes ago, northern bear said:

    Crail is a great course mate. London links, leven, ladybank are also nice courses in fife. 

    We plan on going back next year maybe for 3/4 days. 

  3. Cracking weekend , Dunbarnie is going to be a cracker of a course when it beds in properly. 

    Crail Balcomie is also stunning with some of the best driving holes hitting over the side of the beach , yes I found sand 😂😂

    If my trip to America gets cancelled next April I would definitely go up to Fife for 4/5 nights and play some of the courses. 

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  4. 8 hours ago, STEPPS BOY said:

    Think it’s a two horse race for EPL but Man City still need a Centre half, Left back and a striker if going to challenge Liverpool.

    You not fancy Mendy as a player? 

    He was badly let down last night by Sterling who didn’t help him at all especially as he was on a booking. 

  5. Played yesterday with 40 bears in a Memorial Day for my mate. That was our 13 year and the best day we’ve had.  Auchterarder as host were amazing from arrival till leaving. At short noticed I’d like to thank @Hamie for coming and @Skelf for also playing. Clarkston RSC won it with a very impressive 55.3 score . It’s not a long course but quite quirky and some of the greens can make you look quite foolish 

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  6. 1 hour ago, tm91 said:

    Moving to Warrington within the next week. Anyone know if there is a RSC in the town or anywhere close? I imagine there's some in Manchester and Liverpool but was wondering if there's any closer. Cheers!

    I’m sure there’s not mate. 

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