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  1. you have to or you're not allowed a season ticket....
  2. I will 100% be buying a season ticket for this. one year in div 3...back in the top league the next season.....the filth fans think we will actually be upset over this...they are a strange bunch. would much rather be putting our cash in the 3rd division clubs pockets than the raith rovers of this world.
  3. That beard looks a bit rapey for my liking.....
  4. Just read the betting forum on kerrydale street...thjere are a few skint tims in the world tonight....
  5. Monkeyheid has a 4 year contract, if sellck sack him and have to get a new manager they will have even less for cash for next season. I don't actually think he will go. Tims wanting him sacked today will be dissapointed.
  6. spending time on there is one thing, repeating false allegation against our keeper is another.....
  7. I look forward to bluedell and co get their teeth into these but one thing that jumps out is no CL cash this summer will mean a far smaller investment in players this summer for the filth, they simply won’t have the cash (unless they are willing to go into a large amount of debt) Also remember this 6 months includes euro money and season tickets and doesn’t include Januarys spending spree……
  8. Is it true that peter grunt is finished at the piggery and going to join southampton......hmmm.....
  9. Christ, what a dilemma that would be. That would make a good thread craigy! No dilemma at all. We could deny our rivals a chance of a large amount of money by losing a game that doesn't harm us. They did the exact same thing when losing to heartsa few years ago.
  10. Seems the tims are already unhappy with the keane signing...
  11. fun stats time again after 23 games Strachans record: 57,56,52,54 Barnes(+Dalglish): 47 Mowbray 44 Venglos: 40 Bet they are glad they got rid of strachan now....... laugh.gif
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