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  1. I don't think that is strictly true, if the FTT goes against us it depends why it goes against it if it is even relevant to the SPL investigation. Remember we listed our EBT payments on our books which were signed off by both organisations.
  2. pendantry...now who is the boss of that around here... and normally with good reason. I disagree it's minor point but anyway i'll leave this here, didn't realise this was a praise only thread.
  3. What he said about the reasons for the investigation in the second paragraph is incorrect.... I better not point that out though
  4. Glad they got the truth, it's the every least they deserved, but i feel no connection to them in the slightest
  5. Why would you need to remain anonymous unless the source was clearly tainted...ridiculous story in a ridiculous newspaper..
  6. I'm very surprosed people within Ibrox are objecting to a coordinated approach of releasing statements to the media from all parties that were involved that they know about and agreed to.... It's a strange old world right enough
  7. Mitchell was a disaster on an unprecedented scale....another in the long line of bowling club committee members entrusted with a multi million pound business.
  8. I thought the neg rep might have been because the OP agreed with roger mitchell that rangers died.....
  9. One of the people responsible for governance if the Spl when this whole thing happened try's to cover his own arse...quelle surprise .....
  10. It's the first time the ftt have given a time frame publicly though....
  11. Are you lot pouring over my old posts now to see what you can drag up.... Have fun..
  12. you are 100% correct..but that deosn't matter as people are making stuff up and it apparently makes baby jesus cry if you dissagree
  13. one goes to the creditors and one goes to us...you don't see the distinction ?
  14. The irony of you criticising AJ for blowing his own trumpet Lets hope what you are doing this time is helping the club..... It's safe to say AJ has done far more for Rangers than you...since you seem to be comparing yourself to him on some levels. Also the presumption of what fullerton did for lloyds amuses me to this day....it's like the time you all claimed billy mcneills son was editing our highlights unfavourably....
  15. Not sure what mini could add to any debate....apart from who was the biggest timewaster of the previous summer.....
  16. i wasn't aware they had...if they have all the better
  17. i'm 100% done with this thread..as fun as this lot are eevn i am bored with the same insults being repeated for 15 pages...just lock it FFS....
  18. i love the way potsie, chachi and the rest of the crew obviously get toghether in there secret place to discuss this stuff....
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