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  1. I think it will come down to HMRC and the FTTT. If they find that the EBT was used as payments and therefore subject to Tax then the Tribunal will have us, if not then we really can't have a case to answer.

    I don't think that is strictly true, if the FTT goes against us it depends why it goes against it if it is even relevant to the SPL investigation. Remember we listed our EBT payments on our books which were signed off by both organisations.

  2. It's the payments and the alleged paperwork behind those payments which give rise to the allegation of dual contracts. So it's one and the same thing.

    For GCL to try to nitpick over such detail, and start an argument for the sake of it instead of praising the article itself, says much about GCL.

    And you can have as many :sherlock: :sherlock: :sherlock: :sherlock: :sherlock: :sherlock: smilies as you want.


    pendantry...now who is the boss of that around here... :sherlock: and normally with good reason.

    I disagree it's minor point but anyway i'll leave this here, didn't realise this was a praise only thread.

  3. I know that timmy does the whole bleeding heart thing so much better than we ever could but because of our 66 I always feel that we can see better than most how such tragedy is from the inside.

    I suppose a big difference is our loss of life happened at our own ground indeed I never walk from the Copland to the Govan without thinking that I'm walking across where my fellow bears died because what is now open space was once stairway 13.

    Glad they got the truth, it's the every least they deserved, but i feel no connection to them in the slightest

  4. Roger Mitchell is a Celtic supporter and all-round disaster. Here's an article from WSC in January 2003 when he left the SPL. I particularly liked:

    After four and a half years in what was presumably a pretty hot seat, Mitchell leaves the SPL in a right old state. The television deal they signed at the start of this season is worth roughly a third of the previous one. Attendances are down across the board. The 12 member clubs have a collective debt of £140 million and ten of them are currently serving out their two-year notice of resignation.


    Mitchell was a disaster on an unprecedented scale....another in the long line of bowling club committee members entrusted with a multi million pound business.

  5. And, sorry, but I think I understand the concept of actually doing something, rather than wittering on a forum, since, I AM doing something, and have been for sometime, but, truly appreciate the advice, or in your language, cheers

    The irony of you criticising AJ for blowing his own trumpet doh

    Lets hope what you are doing this time is helping the club..... :cgreen:

    It's safe to say AJ has done far more for Rangers than you...since you seem to be comparing yourself to him on some levels. Also the presumption of what fullerton did for lloyds amuses me to this day....it's like the time you all claimed billy mcneills son was editing our highlights unfavourably.... :sherlock:

  6. Internet Bams, I believe several have offered to meet offline? (particularly in Aberdeen area) No? Must have my wires crossed if not :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

    i love the way potsie, chachi and the rest of the crew obviously get toghether in there secret place to discuss this stuff.... :lol:

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