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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/t...utd/7817532.stm Dundee United captain Lee Wilkie has signed a three-year contract extension to keep him at the club until May 2012. don't think we were ever interested but still.......
  2. The famous east belfast http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/East_Belfast_F.C.
  3. Davis is worth the money, lafferty isn't written off yet and are we now criticising us for signing players we haven't even made an enquiry about.......
  4. Just to get this straight......there are people left on this planet who believe what is written in the daily record sport pages.......feck me......
  5. Playing to the masses again by attacking his ego. I do agree though a proper statement is required from the chairman....time for chico to head to Charlotte square.
  6. Why would we sell Boyd, who is scoring regularly and is not one of the top paid players at the club, only to spend the money on a replacement. We won't be spending this money.
  7. What assets is he stripping ? He undoubtedly wants to sell his controlling interest in the club.
  8. More likely he has been told there is a figure he has to raise in transfers this month and with no offers for our fringe players they have had to turn to the first team. Bain has a terrible record in offloading players and dealing with transfers, that alone should have seen him moved on a long time ago
  9. I wonder if Boyd going will see the return of a 4-5-1 with that midfielder playing.......
  10. I think lafferty is a decent player. I think Miller is a decent player I used to think Velika was a decent signing but who knows now. I like Nacho Novo, he has contributed more vital goals to the recent history of our club than anyone else on the books Will any combination of these strikers score more than Boyd + a.n. other........not in my opinion
  11. If anyone thinks Walter agrees with/ Wants to sell any of these guys they are mistaken.
  12. Loans apart we will sign no one as a direct replacement for Boyd.....have you not seen how much we have spent on forwards that are not playing this season.
  13. What a ridiculous arguement, are you actually saying Boyd doesn';t create the space etc for these chances himself. If it is so easy to take all these chances why is he the first forward since super to come anywhere near his goal average ? Who at the club is going to have a similar strike rate to byd then, taking all these chances...... Some people on this MB are going to have a big plate of egg on there faces if he goes if they really think Boyd's job is so simple
  14. He is good enough to be in our squad/team. His goal scoring record is outstanding and in time where we have very few "heroes" then no wonder the adulation. Selling him weakens our squad as the amount of forwards we currently have on our books we ain't biuying another one. I don't care what teams his goals are against but take him out then someone is going to step up to the plate big time. People hoping someone will do this instead of using a proven goalscorer are living in a dream world and are willing to take risks i would rather not
  15. We are not at the level of any of those teams so why would our strikers need to be. Boyd is good enough for Rangers and is doing a job for us right now.
  16. He will be set objectives that he needs to meet to be given a bonus. If debt reduction was one of them he wouldn't get much of a bonus this year......
  17. reading a sellck site it's safe to say the guy who started this is a tim......
  18. We do know mate..it's banked and shows up on our books as a £3million payment every year
  19. Larsson...by some distance.....and i like Kris Boyd...!
  20. willie Mackay is acting on behalf of players that he doesn't represent or he isjust tellign people we are willing to sell anyone. Both sound very unlikely Also journalists sitting on a story to wait for facts....i've heard it all now....... <_< Willie MacKay has been appointed to represent newcastle on all plaayers transfers , he doesn't need to represent any players , also Murray has told MacKay to inform clubs that all first team players are available, also dont know if you have been reading he papers but 7 of our first team have been linked with moves away and there has hardly been a cheep from our leaders . lastly if you think Rangers selling a few players is a bigger story than Rangers going to the wall well that's up to you , I know this is fact as I know the journalist involved and they aint printing anything yet Oh so we are going to the wall now and your jhourno mate is sitting on the story........tell your mate he isn't very goodf at his job if he is telling half of Glasgow instead of printing it as an exclusive in his rag......... The rst of your post is barely worth a reply......
  21. Our squad will be weaker with Boyd gone, you see that as a reason for celebration...each to there own i guess......
  22. Our squad will be weaker with Boyd gone, you see that as a reason for celebration...each to there own i guess......
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