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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/t...ers/7813579.stm "If Boyd moves on, Kilmarnock will be due a 20% slice of any transfer fee." You think the BBC know what is written on Boyds contract more than you or i do.....
  2. Proof of percentage please http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/t...ock/4551646.stm
  3. We'll get two mediocre players for that money unless Walter is gonna pull something out the bag, Kyle Laffatme, David Healy and Gary O'Connor aren't the answer here. TBH maybe if he'd play Novo as a striker he'd start scoring goals again, it's a cheap option but it is Novo's natural position, he's fast, direct and has been a proven scorer in this position. i agree fuck healy or anybody else we get linked with give big lafferty a run of games with miller if that doesnt work try novo or velicka I don't think we're in a position to gamble on Lafferty. He clearly hasn't settled and tbh doesn't look as if he could handle the pressure at being main striker for Rangers. We aren't in a position to gamble with lafferty but if we sell boyd you would sell fergie as well....Jesus.....
  4. According to who ? As an aside they deserve a sell on clause imo.......
  5. It isn't gutter rhags reporting this. SSN, Setanta and Birmingham themselves. The Rangers website is being loose with the facts and you know it. To go back to your earlier point, get off the issue of who we are selling too. I just find that saddening. It's the fact that we are selling once again through January that I find most galling They are the tabloid media mate and where are the birmingham quotes saying this is a done deal ? I agree, selling this player, if it happens, is a terrible decision as not one penny will go to the manager
  6. The website is full of shite. And the tabloid media isn't...... now you're talking shite. So you believe everything you read in the tabloid media....have you had a lobotomy?
  7. It's humiliating. I don't care how cash rich the Championship is. Again our timing couldn't be more out of sync if we tried. It's the the 5th richest league in the world (i think), you need to be realistic
  8. The website is full of shite. And the tabloid media isn't......
  9. Because we are challenging for the SPL title and a place in the Champions League. To offload a player to a Championship side would prove where exactly we stand under Sir Flim Flam. They have far larger resources than us sadly, that is english football for you. I am surprised that you are surprised. I agree the player shouldn't be sold full stop, the fact it is a championship team doesn't matter, they have the wealth of a premiership team
  10. I think so as we won't replace him and i can't see who will be as regular a goalscorer. All the experts who have been asking for him to be dropped look like they will get there wish, so to speak, will be interesting to see what happens
  11. Sadly the harsh reality is Birmingham will have been given around £28 million as a parachute payment for leaving the premiership in August. They look like heading back there. Why does them being able to bid for our players surprise you in a season of no CL football ?
  12. Two reasons that I can see. Firstly it allows Rangers to be a bit more self-contained in respect of financing, and if something goes tits up then it's Rangers assets that would be on the line. Secondly I get the feeling he's a bit touchy about the alleged money that he makes from the club and has been trying to reduce the interaction between the club and other Murray companies. It is quite noticable that the value of services supplied by Murray companies have fallen for the last few years. I don’t think he is touchy about making the money, I think he is touchy about it being misrepresented. I think he used Rangers to start to help start these businesses up, it may never have been his intention to supply services to the club in the long term
  13. willie Mackay is acting on behalf of players that he doesn't represent or he isjust tellign people we are willing to sell anyone. Both sound very unlikely Also journalists sitting on a story to wait for facts....i've heard it all now....... <_<
  14. It was provided through MIH for a couple of years, but is now provided directly by the bank, I believe. I have never heard him say it is no longer available I would think it would be available if we ran out of cash....but in the current climate you never know It's the same facility. It was provided by Murray MHL Ltd in 2004, but in subsequent years there was not any mention of who provided it, so it can be assumed that it is from the bank now, rather than from a Murray company. I know he charged for the privilege, easy money for him. I wonder why he would change it as it doesn't seem like that much money to absorb into MIH.
  15. Read the description of the song , and it does seem to be one song, in the article.
  16. It was provided through MIH for a couple of years, but is now provided directly by the bank, I believe. I have never heard him say it is no longer available I would think it would be available if we ran out of cash....but in the current climate you never know
  17. Does the credit facility the chaiman provided no longer exist ?
  18. Exactly, the story is flawed, it does not tell us exactly what he was convicted for. Those 'dirty blighters' eedjits have a lot to answer for. I remember saying that at the time when they were being hailed as heroes....pair of idiots and there pathetic song (that we don't even sing) have brought us more bad publicity and scrutiny as a group of fans than anythign we have done ion years... If you want to start banning people from ibrox these morons should be long before some pissed up eejit singing in a car park
  19. http://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/Article.a...013988?UserKey= ublished: 06/01/2009 Why the hell did this guy admit to singing a Sectarian song, what a fecking moron........
  20. It was down to his own arrogance that he felt he didn't need a Scottish person who knew the club on his management team. The same arrogance that saw a serious lack of preperation for his new job, especially as he knew for months that he was taking over
  21. As I say I agree with you on this point. I think his card was marked on this instance quite well by the chairman, if only it was a regular occurrence over the last few years.....
  22. Thats obviously a matter of opinion. Maybe so but you present half the story of the exchange, one that would paint the chaiman in a poor light. You would probably be better telling the full story next time. He used his media savvy well on this occasion and made Reid rush in and end up with egg on his face, like you (i would imagine) i wish he would use it more often. If the thread has been about the recent exchange between Murray and Reid then it would have been prudent to lead the whole story of the exchange. But it wasnt - its about their continual refusal to play by the rules, hence the subsequent comparisons. You misrepresented the exchange as part of your general point, anyway i agree with your general point, in this case, so it probably is of little consequence
  23. So the only evidence, apart from the boyd signal over two years ago, is they talk to the press......next.....
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