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  1. Anecdotal evidence from there supporters groups only. People ejected for saying the word h** and scarves with h** confiscated and thrown in the bins at the door
  2. I remember this fact before the game at the piggery in August...result was not one arrest for singing this song but a clampdown on the use of the word h**.
  3. How do you give more time to someone who quits ?
  4. I am sure it came out when he was found guilty that this guy was already banned form Ibrox, I wonder if that is why the stewards picked him out
  5. I just hope we are using this time to plan for the inevitable. However long they manage to last we will need to be ready to start distributing our own merchandise when they do go out of business.. I see no way back for them now.
  6. I can barely think of a young player Walter Smith should have played or has wrongly passed over. The core of this isn’t Walter Smith won’t play young players it’s Rangers don’t produce enough young players that are of first team standard and that has not just happened on Walter Smiths watch
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