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  1. Which part of "I'll support him at every turn when he is doing what he does best for Rangers" are you missing here? Are we supposed to ignore the games we lost or drew, largely because he was missing due to suspension? So do you would level no criticism whatsoever at Morelos this season based solely on him being our top scorer? Really?
  2. Whatever level Morelos may or may not go on to play at is little consolation or interest to me as a Rangers supporter. I'll support him at every turn when he is doing what he does best for Rangers, but are we suppose to just turn a blind eye to him being posted missing due to suspensions for a about a third of the season? Jesus wept.
  3. Does this mean the SFA can be held accountable for the Scottish Cup Final mayhem? Given that it was at their stadium, under their auspices and they were therefore responsible for security? Pfffttt
  4. Usual childish pish about us being a new club etc. Why run an article on a club that's allegedly not even 5 years old? Pathetic.
  5. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but did anyone else catch C4 news last night. Article on the game yesterday, presented by none other than Alex Thomson and just for added spice an "impartial" view from Angela Haggerty. Anyone in England with no clue as to these two cunts history with us would be completely hoodwinked. I actually like C4's news coverage generally, but this was embarassing.
  6. Will we apologise? To who? A fat non entity like him? Pfftt.
  7. I did eventually, I was trying both to increase my chances of getting the ticket. Never once actually got to speak to someone on the phone though!!
  8. This has probably been raised before, but maybe pertinent to guys at the moment after the Celtic ticket debacle last week. I like thousands of other tried for hours on the website and on the phone to obtain a ticket. The phone line clearly states calls will cost 10p a minute. What is fails to tell you is that it also costs you a 31p connection fee every time, regardless of the length of the call. I just got my Sky bill in and last week cost me just shy of £50 for calls to the ticket office, some only lasting seconds. I imagine there will be a few more hefty bills coming in to people soon. I've
  9. 30 minutes with two tickets sitting in my basket and now back in queue because it wouldn't let me actually buy them. I'm fucking raging.
  10. Still won't even let me purchase one even with just my season, it's in the basket ffs
  12. Not a Rangers game, But me and my Mrs watched the England v Italy game in the World Cup just gone over in Turkey, in the Rangers bar in Marmaris. There had been a bit of agro between our lot and some of the English in the neighbouring Geordie, Scouse and Manc bars when Italy scored their first. Bearing in mind it was one in the morning kick off there, a fair load of the guys out were well pished. When Italy scored their second this daft cunt in the Geordie bar tore of his England top and went screaming around the bar, aiming most of his misplaced vitriol over the fence at our lot. Only then di
  13. I asked when the tickets would be posted out and the guy never elobatred more than next week.
  14. Good for you, I'll toast you with a nice glass of wine later. You enjoy your nightshift now.
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