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  1. Statistically the years 1973. 1988.1991 and 1999 with six players have been the best. 1973 -Sandy Robertson, Lee Robertson, Steven Pressley, David Hagen, Neil Murray and Stephen Watson. 1988 - Alan Lowing, Steven Lennon, Paul Emslie, Dean Furman, Rory Loy, Jordan McMillan 1991 - John Fleck, Danny Wilson, Gregg Wylde, Jamie Ness, Kyle Hutton, Kane Hemmings 1999 - Liam Burt, Kyle Bradley, Aidan Wilson, Jamie Barjonas, Myles Beerman, Serge Atakayi 1999 can be explained as we were coming up through the leagues. In terms of appearances the 1973 group wou
  2. Few details in the public domain, scorers were Nathan Young-Coombes, James Graham & Tyler Pasnik. Don't know the starting lineup but a few older U18 players played that didn't play last time.
  3. Tynecastle had a very comfortable 3-1 win over East Stirling tonight. Looks like they have made a significant improvment from last season. A Rangers team should still be beating them though.
  4. Report on today's game https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2017/07/08/opening-games-for-youths/
  5. It was a poor performance and result against a team we have beaten 6-0 the last two seasons. Although it was two different elevens starting each half with only a trialist starting both halves. Aidan Wilson, Myles Beerman, Jamie Barjonas, Harry Forester and Michael O'Halloran all started, O'Halloran lasted 19 minutes. This stronger side went in 1-0 down, with the younger side drawing 1-1 in the second half.
  6. Neil Edwards was a youth player in the early 1990's Not 100% sure but I think he was the son of former Hibs and Dunfermline player Alex Edwards
  7. We already have a Declan. On the subject of this signing, I don't know if a player went in the opposite direction. I guess we'll have to wait and see what club he turns up for pre-season training at.
  8. Heard it was 0-0 and they lost on penalties.
  9. U16's played once a 1-1 draw U15's Played 3 Won 2 (5-3 & 6-1) Drew 1 (2-2) U14's Played 2 Won 1 (3-0) Lost 1 (1-2) last minute goalkeeping error U13's Played 2 Drew 1 (1-1) Lost 1 (1-4) U11's & U12's play a series of 7-a-side games don't know any scores Don't play them below U11's
  10. Report on tonight's 17's game https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2017/05/29/17s-close-with-a-defeat/
  11. I did say he was a much better long term prospect than Bates, in football terms he is three years younger than Bates. Ross McCrorie would have been ahead of both of them if he wasn't out on loan. The three 18 year old's did really well and they are 1999's therefore Under 18 in football terms. Good to see them progress the same centre back pairing lost four goals in a Development League game against Dundee United in October, so they have make good progress this season.
  12. It's quite complicated - Rangers Celtic, Aberdeen and Hamilton all have some chance. Rangers have to win both games - away to Hamilton (Next Sunday) - Home to Celtic (possibly 28th) - we would then need Celtic to drop 4 more points - a win over Hamilton would probably put them out of it - Probably need Aberdeen to draw a game. Celtic will be win the league if they win their games - they have 6 or 7 left. Including Rangers (Away), Aberdeen (Home), Hamilton (both Home and Away). Aberdeen and Hamilton would need to win all their games, Hamilton need Rangers and Celtic to drop furth
  13. Report on tonight's 17's game https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2017/05/15/17s-hit-five-past-well/
  14. As well as the six U20's two U16's have been released, Lewis McGrattan & Aiden Gibb. 17's have three games left, could be others at 16's or 17's to be added to that list
  15. Report on last night's U16's game https://rfcyouths.wordpress.com/2017/05/11/16s-close-with-a-win/
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