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  1. Been listening to this for years now. Good stuff.
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  3. Shit thread. Selling to a dickhead with no money is the only thing that caused us problems.
  4. Jose Aldo is the only one. Unbeaten in 10 years. Although The Korean Zombie gave him a challenge last time, so maybe McGregor can beat Aldo too.
  5. Cause and effect. Great punch.
  6. Confirmed for celtic fan. How about sticking to the "What are you listening to right now" thread (the only thread you post in)? It's not like you're interested in Rangers.
  7. Hibs will shit their pants now and get tired in the last 20-30 minutes.
  8. To be fair, Peason gave him nothing so he had to kiss his arse in the last 25 seconds.
  9. They were both terrible at Madrid. Why else did they sell them?
  10. You're right, he does have a billions, and his huge investment in players at Newcastle mean they are almost as good as Man City, right? Oh, wait...
  11. Hilarious, he's been properly axed now apparently.
  12. So his contract is will be up in a year-and-a-half and he wants to come back? GTF. You will end up at Crewe in front of 4k fans.
  13. Sack the manager who took us to an unbeaten league win last year? Are you a bit slow?
  14. Some pathetic comments in here. We were unbeaten in the league last season. We'd be laughed at by the rest of the world for sacking him. And as long as we don't lose more than 6 games next season we'll finish 1st.
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