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  1. Biggest news this evening was Ajax becoming a small club
  2. Home help usually comes earlier than this I thought
  3. Anyone that bought it, is the plan to eat it or let it go out of date?
  4. Being reported in a French newspaper iirc
  5. That’s @Inigo on his phone about to tell us he’s taken to the streets like he said
  6. When’s the souvenir programmes being sent out
  7. West Ham are getting relegated they’re fucking shite
  8. On the topic of how often the teams would be playing each other I wish Scottish football would restructure so we didn’t play the same teams constantly. Honestly can’t be bothered seeing celtic again in a couple weeks
  9. Ridiculous sentence to try and pin down to any one person. It’s literally one of the most obvious sentences someone could say regarding football
  10. Buzzing for Millwall to get into the premier league
  11. I’d rotate quite a bit for this game and play the strongest 11 available on Sunday. Scottish cup is the last available bit of silverware up for grabs to us this season and it will be prioritised
  12. Same. Enjoy European football mid week but we are a Scottish club and there’s something enjoyable about going to the shite grounds and winning. One of the best things about our club is the away fans that go week in week out to the games and it would be a tragedy to lose that section of the support Good post mate.
  13. I can’t see top players giving up the chance to play in world cups. Players don’t fall in love with football because of a clubs business strategy
  14. Tbf Carragher seems to have entirely tried to forget where he came from in terms of the club he grew up supporting
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