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  1. Honestly just a very enjoyable listen
  2. Waghorn is the club legend I would have at the club now
  3. The Irish league have been letting fans in for awhile now
  4. His crossing ability is just fantastic
  5. It's the weekend and FB haven't had the chance to verify it yet mate
  6. He posting links to the old page mate, the new page posted about Rangers today
  7. That's just worded like that because he's foreign mate. He means its his page for fans of Liverpool's Roberto Firmino
  8. I think so mate but this is his new account so FB haven't sorted it out for him yet as it's the weekend
  9. Think this might be his new account he posted the Rangers stats on today mate. Think it's great to see us being talked about by such big names in modern football
  10. Can you prove it's not the real one, it looks to me like it is. Liverpool player interested in how Liverpool legend is getting on
  11. Were you involved? I don't have a clue who was involved but I can't be picking favourites mate. It was good to have you back but it hasn't worked out obviously
  12. Don't think that would have much impact on @pollok-bear, he seems like he's taken a few too many blows to the head already in life
  13. They're arguing about what means more to them, actually doing 10IAR or the trebles they won in recent years Already getting their lines prepared for possibly not winning the league this year
  14. Let us in the day we lift the title and it'll do rightly
  15. They'll have to sack Lennon because there's no chance he walks
  16. Awful language, expect better from you
  17. Couldn't have done it without all these penalties
  18. Did you make your post about the finances mate? I meant to read it. Being genuine here because I don't understand the finance report
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