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  1. Funny as fuck the last couple of weeks. Will be a different story if I tune in tonight... proof if proof were reqd we have just as many tossers as Septic have. No Surrender, my hole. 1 shit performance and the drama queens are already out.
  2. Don’t know how true it is but I was told a water cannon was deployed but the crowd dispersed when the police started filling it with soap.
  3. I do enjoy a GIRFUY. Not keen when it is against us, but if we had done something similar it would be brill.
  4. Behave for fucks sake. Every one of us knew this would bite us in the arse in the end. back in the day "I'd rather be a d@£&ie than a Tim" was a giggle, damn few of us would do it now. Times have changed and we must too, realistically most of us ain't that interested in religion, I sang the songs and loved it back in the 70s, love TBB, last sang it publicly in Manchester when a woman in the pub told me I would get the club into trouble. It's been going on that long. no way on Earth can we blame this on the board, it's ourselves to blame. We must change.
  5. Have you ever considered anger management.
  6. Thanks for that. It would be nice if the club was to mention that. We should take the fight to them when we have the right on our side. Just fucking difficult with the few wankers jumping on the pitch and the shelter roof.
  7. Fuck me what are you not? The fat cunt shouldn't have been jumping up and down anywhere let alone on a roof.
  8. Stop being fucking cheerful. Are you new here?
  9. Just as a matter of interest, your not on Boris's negotiating team are you?
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