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  1. Don’t know how true it is but I was told a water cannon was deployed but the crowd dispersed when the police started filling it with soap.
  2. I hope our players have more belief than you buggers. Stranger things have happened ...NO SURRENDER
  3. Fuck me, is this still going. I'm not keen on homosexuality but I know I am not allowed to scream about poofs in public or I end up lifted. The black bloke next door to me keeps parking in my space, never once have I shouted sod off back to Jamaica and park in your own street.It is a No No. If I feel the urge to have a pop at any of my Celtic supporting aquaintances (or whisper it... friends) I have loads of material I can use, I can manage this without sectarian bile. I dont do this because it is now illegal. It is that simple.. Live with it. One of the posters, cant be bothered looking to se
  4. I cant believe this debate is still going on. Whether we like it or not the use of Fenian(unless in its historical meaning in a history lesson) is going to lead to trouble with the courts. If some random supporter gets done for breach of the peace, I couldnt care less, he knows the rules, it is his choice. When our club gets fined, forced to play behind closed doors, docked points or banned from tournaments because of it, that is a different matter. It is time to give it a rest. Slightly change the wording of the Billy Boys (The best chant in world football) stop F..ing the Pope and lets actua
  5. Jesus, whatever happened to this No Surrender I keep hearing about. All we can do now is win the games left, score a barrowload if possible and hope like hell. The fat lady is not due on stage for ages yet, just a feeling but I think she will be giving Follow Follow big licks on the final day. Remember where you heard it first. Keep the faith.
  6. Cant say I have seen the quote myself. Would have thought a journalist wold be on very shaky ground to write something like that. Name and shame.
  7. There are none so blind as those who will not see. Unless you count the ones who are too stupid to look. Im going to my bed, big day tomorrow.
  8. Again I accept I have been guilty in the past. I loved singing TBB, still raises the hairs on my neck thinking about it. However times have changed, we must change as well, whether we lke it or not.
  9. I accept that my circle of friends might not be an accurate representation of the entire support but there are not many regular attenders amongst them. However my point was originally, religion has absolutely fuck all to do with football. Anti Catholic chants (please dont give me the shite about it is Fenians we decry) should be stopped as should the bigotted offerings at Parkhead. People spewing this nonsense are making Scottish football disgrace in the eyes of just about everyone who hears it worldwide.
  10. Is that right. I would suggest, you dont have to go to church to be a believer. If you claim to be relgious, I would have thought sticking your nose in the occasional church would have to be a prerequiset. Screaming F*** the Pope at a football match doesnt quite cut it for me. Of course I might just be a bit of a traditionalist. Happy Easter.
  11. Isn't it time we stopped this shite about us being a good Proddie club and hating Celtic because they are all child molesting Kaffliks. If any of the faith defenders in our support were really as religious as they seem to pretend to be Ibrox would be virtualy empty tomorrow as it is Easter Sunday, possibly the most important day in the Christian calender, surely you should be in church instead of spewing your bile at your knuckle dragging counterparts from the Parkhead. I used to love The Billy Boys song unfortunately time has moved on, its day is past. The chant could live on with a couple of
  12. I know there is a fair to middling chance I am going to regret asking this, but what the hell is the birdy, what was loyal about it. Please be gentle with me.
  13. I know there is a fair to middling chance I am going to regret asking this, but what the hell is the birdy, what was loyal about it. Please be gentle with me.
  14. Jesus Christ. Now we have BigRick from Missouri of all places advising us on racism.
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