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  1. I didn’t know he did bobsleigh.
  2. Fuck sake, I’m a glass half full type of twat myself but try and look for the positives, just for a laugh.
  3. Aye it was the strip what fucked it up. get a grip.
  4. Who really cares about the strip? Saddos!
  5. Your level of mental cruelty is impressive, although the Danish extra time winner really should be offside and hand balled.
  6. No. Your joking. I liked him. There’s virtually nothing left to make you smile these days. Thank fuck for England getting papped out with the last kick of the ball then.
  7. I went to join the Marines but I passed all the exams so they stuck me in the Navy.
  8. Everybody hates us. We don’t care.
  9. Aye that would be genius. Cut our playing options in half, maybe after that we could get the players to wear bowler hats and brogues.
  10. If I was getting £50,000 a week, I would probably stop doing the overtime.
  11. Not sure I like the look when he is smiling. That face suits miserable. 😗
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