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  1. I thought there were rules in place so pre 16 year olds couldn't be traded, they aint even on proper contracts at that age and they have to reside within 90 mins of the club they play for...…. however, appears I am wrong on all that
  2. what 5 million for a 15 year old, how the feck does that work?
  3. Liewell did something for our benefit, however our wonderful custodian decided to play the one nation paternalist and sided with the diddy ten...…. Any normal business person would either insist on individual TV rights or, if pooling was the only way, then take a representative cut. In this instance RFC and the filth take 70% and leave the 30% for the rest. But no, we know best and give all our money away to scum who actively seek to fuck us over......
  4. Gayest thread yet what next knitting patterns
  5. The issue I have is I would always pay for a stream and have done so for all the euro matches this season, as I haven't been to one as yet. However, Rangers TV is fecking worse than the illegal streams. I will still always pay for it but can understand others who think fuck it I will just watch the free one the quality is at least as good.
  6. Its on the website … has a brochure https://media.Rangers.co.uk/uploads/2019/05/Rangers-Hospitality-Brochure-201920.pdf prices at the back
  7. His nonsense with Defoe will ultimately bite him on the arse. Same with Flanagan and Goldson The football is fucking dire, for no reason and then he has a fucking mad die and plays that fucking team yesterday. What the fuck the players thought, when that was read out, is anyone’s guess. He needs to up his game and fucking pronto. He interview, talking about 4 points better off and still in the league cup was fucking vomit inducing
  8. I’m aware of that just as you are aware that scraping by, creating little, presents a bigger opportunity to fuck up. AAS a team we need to deploy the correct personnel and create chances. We have been poor at that and yesterday was just an abomination. He needs to now address our lack of creativity or we face more results like last season. Hes got aa right footed, shit defender, at left back ffs and even worse he thinks its great.
  9. He wont win games playing the way he has been. We have scraped by, thus far. It wont continue.
  10. You carry on. Meanwhile, in the real world, if he doesn’t win the league he will be punted and rightly so. Soon as the board take heat he will be punted. He can, of course, make this a non-issue by actually picking a football team and get them playing football. Something, to date this season, that he hasn’t managed to get them to do in the league.
  11. Last time I checked we were Rangers. It comes with the territory. Second is of no use. as to finances the vocal fans got the board they wanted.....
  12. Someone we hope will win the league. You don’t keep managers who cant cut it. Last year he had the excuse of bedding in and being against a good manager. This year he has neither. We created nothing against st mirren, we continually slow down and pass the ball side to side. Yesterday he went one better by picking a team that was worthy of a mad man. If he cant win the league this year we need to sack him and move on.
  13. The formation was beyond shambolic. He must have been on ket when coming up with that Shite. if we fail to win the league he should be sacked.
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