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  1. @Siam69 time'scome to say fuck it wire in and for the prog rockers amongst us
  2. Remember running to the video shop to get that fucking awful videodrome movie just to see her tits shambles of a film
  3. Just fire me the rule that allows them to decide to arbitrarily who wins the league and who they can chuck out the league thanks
  4. That wont happen.... or will only happen if the cowards who own us allow it as will probably be demonstrated by us doing fuck all, the filth getting this title.... hearts actually doing something so they stay up and Dundee hibs get up too
  5. What do u mean, ‘end as is’ do You mean it would be (correctly) voided or do you mean illegally award the filth the title and relegate hearts
  6. Where to start with this hand-wringing pish how does your ethos stack with us being the most successful team in world football? as to your last sentence, on what basis is it made, other than blind hope, because all evidence available points in an entirely different direction
  7. he needs fucking chased fuck it he needed chasing when we started dropping points to garbage and losing the league and his arse shouldn't have hit the door after sat name of fuck has it never crossed some folks minds why the fuck we have a track record like we do its not by putting up with shite, especially extended reigns of shite hes lost 6 out of 6 domestic trophies, to a fucking IRA man at that, its not good enough
  8. whit..... I had somehow imagined that barker was on loan to us FFS..... fuckign made my day even fucking worse with this
  9. that's not the whole story though, is it. I've previously reported on my eldest being the only RFC fan in his entire year. In what you would expect to be a 'Rangers school'. A load were filth fans and a load English PL team fans...…. We have definitely been affected from 2011
  10. what preparation...… hide and play like little girls
  11. we will be fine we have tav and goldson and tugboat helander
  12. there's too much green in that fuckin avatar of yours!!!!
  13. If we are paying Gerard levels of salary we can attract all sorts of quality managers
  14. This thread has taken a turn for the better the more you all watch QM, the better
  15. did greegs black up at 4:46 big fine heading our way for that nonsense FFS
  16. In SG's head Thursday ---- im getting humped.... fuck it I will do something I have never done before and change the formation..... Fuck me it worked! Sunday ---- i'm reverting to old faithful. Fuck me i'm getting humped. I'm going to change formation …. Fuck me it worked...…. I'm going to change the formation back to old faithful...……….. where do you even go with that mentality
  17. we can account for 4% of the universe, 4 fucking % and that is only in our observable universe...... and folk want to argue that you're a crank for believing in 'little green men' that's the sum of human knowledge..... we know that we can account for 4% of the universe...….
  18. bigelow, and the USA navy have admitted to having fucking non-earthly, metallic materials from the fuckign things so I don't think anyone doubts that the things are here whether they know what these things are whether they have had any 'official; interaction whether they are from afar, inter-dimensional or even different timelines/different bubble universes etc etc are the real, viable questions
  19. not one fucking pic of hot Japanese birds FFS shambles of a thread
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