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  1. 35 minutes ago, eskbankloyal said:

    The league would be determined as complete now. celtic champions, Hearts down etc 

    That wont happen.... or will only happen if the cowards who own us  allow it


    as will probably be demonstrated by us doing fuck all, the filth getting this title.... hearts actually doing something so they stay up and Dundee hibs get up too



  2. 15 hours ago, jbm26896 said:

    When i see some of the posts in here i really do wonder who wants us to succeed and who glorifies themselves on any Rangers set back.

    Over the years the same people moan about the same thing whether it be players or managers.

    Its has become a depressing place in recent times.

    Back the team and the manager , i lnow its tough but he will get it right.

    Where to start with this hand-wringing pish


    how does your ethos stack with us being the most successful team in world football?


    as to your last sentence, on what basis is it made, other than blind hope, because all evidence available points in an entirely different direction



  3. 17 hours ago, Smile said:

     Morelos in his last fifteen games has scored four goals he has been suspended but that down to him and his indiscipline.

    Defoe has been injured but also in the last 15 games has only scored four goals.


    None of that is title or cup winning form as we have seen.

    stop telling lies



  4. 5 minutes ago, Laudrupsleftfoot said:

    Not speaking for him, but as someone else who wants to keep Gerrard for me the bit about will to allow us failing for years is bollocks.

    I think he's shown enough to deserve our loyalty but that doesn't mean unconditional loyalty no matter what happens.

    He now needs to show he can get these players to overcome whatever the fuck is going on inside that dressing room and if there's no signs by the end of the season he's done that I'm not sure he can survive that.

    Next season he needs to win the league.

    he needs fucking chased


    fuck it he needed chasing when we started dropping points to garbage and losing the league


    and his arse shouldn't have hit the door after sat


    name of fuck


    has it never crossed some folks minds why the fuck we have a track record like we do


    its not by putting up with shite, especially extended reigns of shite


    hes lost 6 out of 6 domestic trophies, to a fucking IRA man at that, its not good enough 



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  5. 6 hours ago, Ivybank said:

    Tav , goldson, davis(given a new contract), same with Defoe , Jones, barker (3 fkn years), arfield(finished) flanagan(wtf) polster,

    9 players still here next year, getting thousands a week ad half don't contribute and are worthless

    whit..... I had somehow imagined that barker was on loan to us FFS..... fuckign made my day even fucking worse with this 

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  6. 4 minutes ago, Rfc52 said:

    I used to think this would happen. It doesn't. 

    Our young team are doing no to bad following us imo. 


    that's not the whole story though, is it.

    I've previously reported on my eldest being the only RFC fan in his entire year. In what you would expect to be a 'Rangers school'.

    A load were filth fans and a load English PL team fans...….

    We have definitely been affected from 2011

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  7. In SG's head


    Thursday ---- im getting humped.... fuck it I will do something I have never done before and change the formation..... Fuck me it worked!


    Sunday ---- i'm reverting to old faithful. Fuck me i'm getting humped. I'm going to change formation …. Fuck me it worked...…. I'm going to change the formation back to old faithful...………..


    where do you even go with that mentality 

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  8. 4 minutes ago, Getstiffed said:

    Well as far as I know theoretical physics has the count up at 11 dimensions, including our 4, so far.

    Its already a fairly well established belief within science that our Universe is a kind of hologram. It's even been described as a simplified projection of a much bigger and more complicated reality.

    Now this isn't the kind of science you will get rammed down your throat by celebrity "scientists" because they are all atheists and the implication of this data and conclusion doesn't sit well with their (Ironic) belief system.

    And before anyone jumps down my throat I'm not saying Aliens are God or The gods or anything like that, although I do personally believe in a creator, but I will ask who is to say what exists in the more complicated or higher dimensional version of our Universe?

    These "Aliens" that visit us don't behave like physical beings. Their crafts don't behave like physical technology. The appear out of nowhere then disappear without a trace. There's no sign of them coming from outer space into our atmosphere or any of sign of them leaving. 

    All this comes before the largest problem I have with the theory of Alien visitation: Space travel. Star Trek seems to have warped peoples minds into believing that the only reason we're not zooming about the galaxy is because we don't have the energy required but when we find that energy source we'll be off to the races, It's just not that simple. Space isn't empty for a start. Then there's time dilation. Buck Rogers was more accurate than Star Trek in reality :lol:

    Something is definitely happening, these Airmen, radar operators and those credible private citizens that have seen UFOs or had abduction experiences have all come in contact with a phenomenon, I believe the work done by the Scientists I cited in an earlier post is irrefutable. In fact its never been refuted but the funny thing is neither the skeptics or the Ancient Alien crowd will go near it :lol:

    we can account for 4% of the universe, 4 fucking % and that is only in our observable universe......

    and folk want to argue that you're a crank for believing in 'little green men'


    that's the sum of human knowledge..... we know that we can account for 4% of the universe...….

  9. bigelow, and the USA navy have admitted to having fucking non-earthly, metallic materials from the fuckign things so I don't think anyone doubts that the things are here


    whether they know what these things are


    whether they have had any 'official; interaction


    whether they are from afar, inter-dimensional or even different timelines/different bubble universes etc etc 


    are the real, viable questions

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