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  1. @Siam69 back from Ibrox, good win, lounge thereafter cheering on the rugby, home and oblivion will await so the perfect aperitif
  2. I’ve bought another grand just in case.... hope it doesn’t fall to 8k now
  3. It auto sold mine at 15k....... ive made nearly three times my initial stake..... I am now going to wait till it dips to 8/9k and lump all my money on it again.... so im hoping it dips that far
  4. Only a rancid cunt would write that shite.
  5. PM away bud........ always got time to lose myself a fortune
  6. why? what is wrong with etoro? Genuine question, I just downloaded the app and threw the money in.... obviously never bothered to do any research etc
  7. I threw a grand in it bought bitcoin at 3k odds and some ethereum, I cashed out bitcoin at 5400 thinking it was going to tumble then rebought at 6300 and also bought litecoin.... at the moment the 1k is sitting about 2200 if I had left it in bitcoin it would be over £3k I only stuck it in to play with.... obviously (like a greedy cunt who will no doubt end penniless) I was wishing I had actually thrown a huge chuck of money in...... I also made a wee bit on apple and £/USD but the crypo stuff is mental..... so I will jettison if I see bitcoin hit 7500...... then rebuy again if
  8. nah mate I'm on etoro buying shares in it.... fuck going on tor and buying bitcoins id have the kiddyfid police round.....
  9. fuck me..... anyone else on this gravy train rise..... things are through the roof. Ive got Bitcoin, litecoin and Ethereum.... the things are going mental. Anyone any thoughts as to when they are going to dip.
  10. Alison Brie is more than welcome on this thread, she's an A lister too to those who say they haven't heard of her. It's nice to know shes a dirty hooer too but a nit too much focus on the tits and not enough minge pics for my liking
  11. Well done Dave King and mates, I hope you are all proud of your fucking selves
  12. I put the whole interview up 9n the politics section about 8am this morning think I stuck it in the London thread
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