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  1. Thanks for posting. Can I ask if you were, as a board member, consulted about the press release which was issued, simultaneously, with the UB and assembly statements. As to elections I understand the process the problem is, of course, that with so many board members and so few positions up for renewal that anyone trying to create a truly representative body cannot achieve their aim without seeking the consent of those who are seemingly happy with the status quo.
  2. RST come on for them, Taipan (who is reading this at the moment is a board member) then they have buzz (a FF poster with a different name) comes on... none of them have decided to answer any question I have asked. shame really. Taipan, at least, gave me some details about the next election but its all tied up still with only 4 new places available.
  3. Just catching up with the latest additions, to this thread. Still no RST response. Fury appears again, asks random questions, never answers anything. In summary the wee clique patently have no answers, they should be ashamed of themselves.
  4. I note that not one of the RST usual pack have come anywhere near this thread apart from read it. Pretty sad when they don't even feel they can defend their actions.
  5. no what? do I shout across 70 people to a directors box? no if you spoke to people who I know in ibrox about whether I was a moaning bassa that went on about smith mccoist and mcculloch rangers men and murray.... yes numerous have heard it so if the best you all can do is accuse me of some form of weasel words it certainly can't be laid at my door. Indeed suck knows folk who know me who will confirm I am the same bundle of joy, at ibrox, that I am on here and was on FF before suck banned me for the terrible crime of trying to get one fans group. I'd happily invite you along to a match but it w
  6. Remember our wee convo, with regard to the set up of this new stitch up. You seemed to think it was a good idea at the time. I argued with you that we would be stiffed so you can imagine my surprise when you show your surprise at the composition of the new board. As to chatting to board members you know that the member is on the other side of the directors box from where they sit apart from that they wouldn't listen to a word I said and I'm too busy to get involved in anyway outwith typing on here. Maybe, in a few years, I will have the time and inclination. I was thinking about the RST board,
  7. Well, the poster RST was on here earlier, I noticed, but decided not to respond.
  8. They should have thought about that before getting involved in internecine politics. They have the board they want. Now look the state of us!
  9. He's been on twitter all day! I thought all the youngsters read the forums on their phones. They must have the eyes of eagles, these days. I'm not going to comment on the brains though
  10. No.... he is on his twitter though. Indeed he made a comment about the composition of the new board. Pity he never thought about that 5 weeks ago when arguing with me about the very same subject. One day these guys will get it, you give these fuckers an inch they will take a mile. Attack, attack attack is the ONLY way to progress as a club. Alas we have a board afraid of it's own shadow.
  11. The Problem is D'art that the media are allowed to present them as some form of spokespeople of the fans. Hence a few folk organising 3 bodies to make statements on the day of the board meeting. I'm not so sure that people understand that those statements represented the views of a HANDFUL of individuals and not the membership of each grouping. Add to that the "on-side" bloggers and suddenly we have the walter and ally show. Meanwhile the club is heading for the grubber.
  12. Pravda doing what pravda does best. To be honest i'm surprised they haven't sent anyone over yet. Fury was bumming this up as a good deal, a few weeks ago. New board of 7 yadda yadda, opportunity for us to play an active roll yadda yadda. What do we get? Eric fkn Riley. This fkr has been at the centre of us getting hammered for a decade.
  13. Feel free to laugh away as we follow the same tried and trusted business plan that made the brand toxic. I'd also advise you to have a wee google search for The Gub and espanyolification as that as where we are heading, steered there by "rangers men".
  14. I am hoping for a good debate. These few folk are complicit in the downfall of RFC in my opinion. I'm sure a few of them will be along, double handed, later. The things you do for a blazer. Disgusting
  15. Now we have the latest stitch up of Scottish football. Now we have a CEO talking about being humble. Now we have a club seemingly intent on having the biggest squad with little to no reference being made to financial control. Now we have a chairman who seems determined to never open his mouth. Now we have a board for Scottish football that excludes the country's biggest club (yes fury we ain't on it) Are you now publically going to: Ask about our TV revenue, upon which most of this charade is based. Ask about the treatment of Hearts and when they are going to be subject to the same rules as ou
  16. Can you get it on ipad via itunes? And can you delete the smith foreward for me
  17. Maybe you can trawl through the thread and finally answer my points as to why I think he is best not involved. A lot of people feel the way I do and for the same reasons be interesting to hear what you think as all we ever get is abuse of timposter or banned from FF.
  18. I have no such thing. I post my reasons as to why I don't think he is suitable and no one ever comes back and argues about the reasons, disagrees with the reasons, discusses the reasons they just throw abuse. If we all sat down in a pub there probably wouldn't be that much disagreement. Forums tend to make views more excessive and entrenched. If you have not come on here to have a rise out of folk then I apologise but your first few posts appeared as a massive get it up you as your preferred outcome had prevailed.
  19. I hate no one. I am on record, on many occasions as having nothing but the upmost respect for the gentleman that is Walter Smith. When it comes to the future direction of Rangers I feel he encapsulates all the very traits that led us to this dark place ergo I do not want him involved in the making of any decisions. Unlike you, and your pals, I regard my view as nothing more than a disagreement amongst like minded parties who all want the best thing for the club. Coming on here with the only intention of "getting it right up" fellow rangers fans is, in my view, somewhat poor. As to Ibrox attend
  20. He will have to get his master's consent. Woof, Woof indeed!
  21. I'm not receiving email instructions. Nor am I popping round boards to try and wind up fans like a gleeful prick, if that's what you mean.
  22. You never did answer me where are all your original blogs?
  23. I am glad to see that you cannot argue against a single point. Probably down to that they are all accurate in there portrayal. checkmate
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