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  1. more importantly are we all remembering that Rodgers loves tranny dick
  2. excellent looking strips especially the 2nd top, destined for both my boys
  3. last time I saw this cunt he was dressed as an ice cream man when all the filth fans were going on about jelly and ice cream hope rita does a "suzie mcguire" on him
  4. I cant wait for his first pure Glaswegian interview n'at
  5. the most disgraceful attempt at "winning" a trophy that I have ever seen
  6. all we need is the sheepshaggers and the filth to join them
  7. fake tap sellers will be shitting themselves if that income stream is removed they will have to ferret back to charging for pub entry and player appearances
  8. So folks, the end is nigh. When do we think they will announce admin? 24th May for me. I am sure we will all be united (see what I did there) in enjoying their spiral to obscurity. Personally I am just thinking of poor Mrs Thompson. What with her son blowing all the families moolah on a hobby. Admin -- please allow this to stay in bears den, on the basis that every good bear will want to share in delight the moment these sellick lite filth are no more.
  9. I doubt he will make it at arsenal far less Scotland... spains tippy tappy shite is right up his street
  10. op could pop along to Saville towers and buy some kit there. That will teach Ashley. Meanwhile, normal folk, will look at the RFC accounts and see the 7 figure sum that the rrl has produced
  11. sorry I never saw this as you never quoted. in what way are they helped as I couldn't see any details on that website (apologies if I missed it) all I could see was some waffle about buying rangers tickets
  12. If we win the cup any idea what stage e go into Europa league at? Are we the last participant below the lower league place qualifications?
  13. quite a price hike. Be interesting to see how many tickets are sold before the new season kicks off. If we can add a few good quality additions, in the close season and taking warburtons fantastic football into account I am hoping that we can get near 40k season books. Be brilliant if we could reach that.
  14. Paul Murray must be in a tizz. Shall he support the man who gave him his blazer, after promising to disappear for good and renege) or support his best chum who produces "courageous journalism". A quandary indeed! I am sure the twitterati will already have received their instructions.
  15. if ever a player was not built for Scottish football, heck id even say British football, its him
  16. warburton will soon learn, next season, that any results like that (based upon such a performance) will unleash criticism on him on a level he will never have encountered. We still need at least one quality centre half and one tackling centre mid oh and a prolific striker too.
  17. the sad thing is they are all rounding on the roar leaving no time for them to fulminate against our nasty songs bitter kheevins, like any good sellick cheerleader, is stirring the pot to try and get them to riot in order to get a decent manager rather than focussing on the manager, if I ere them, id be looking at the linesman.... one of them is just about to go through their 3rd degree
  18. Season ticket holders should be measured by unbroken longevity. Therefore ensuring reciprocity of loyalty.
  19. I was just about to post that theres no fucking way those shot stats are accurate
  20. Let's hope that this version of reality is better than what actually happens to the rancid club and owner
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