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  1. What about if we sponsor him to do it for the charity? let us hope he talks like a eunuch
  2. Yeah i know, but heres the thing (see im a soft bastard). If you guys raise £2k for RCF then it should be aknowledged and once its aknowleged then maybe the three admin cant get together and have an interforum auction. That way they might all fkn talk to each other. Im happy to throw in signed shirts, boughies Tshirt (still unwashed and smelling of him) and anything else i have lying about that way we really have a good piece for RFC Some fans wrote a book to record what happened, made cash for a charity the whole online fanbase came together and added more for said chairty then again maybe iv
  3. ffs frankie you been talking christopher pills how much is it... £2 £4 £1.50 i have no idea about publishing i think it's good you guys are doing something for free but let folk know how much is going in. Once that is known, maybe all the forum mods can arrange raffles or stuff on each one to try an match pound for pound what you guys put in via fees, that way we get double the amount to charity. I'm happy to throw a few items in to be auctioned.
  4. How much is the authors fee part? If its substantial i will buy the thing if its 50 p per copy then there is little point
  5. by not taking them over long term.... no need for LM boca alexander etc... move em on leave them training with the boys if need be
  6. I reckon a wage bill of 2.5 mill per annum a squad of 24 a management team salary of 500k is more than enough to get us back to the spl that is a 15mill warchest right there, for when we get back.
  7. How can you possibly know that, we have no idea what ALL these new players are on and we are being told that we paid off some players.
  8. Was this the poster ian something sho came on various boards wanting one fan group? I have no idea as i have heard nothing since.
  9. or lee mcculloch for less than a year we piss money away like water like a bananna republic receiving aid and spending it on everything it wasnt intended for we are golden piggy bank for shite fotballers liewell hardly has to do his job such is the ineptitude currently shown by the RST backed board
  10. Another thing the RST should be commenting on. How can you be the "heart and soul" of the club if you don't give a shit about complete and utter gross financial mismanagment?
  11. Lol Have to say I love the justification of folk regarding our scandalous wage bill. We spent 10000 times what our opponents did last year and still played the worst football in the league. The trust should be spending more time concentrating of the complete disregard of fiscal rectitude, by a board they helped create, and a lot less time fannying about creating boardroom and fan divisions.
  12. Let us hope that nothing comes to pass. Let us hope that traynor met Bain for just a coffee and nothing more. Let us hope the new RST approved board actually stick up for the well being of the club
  13. Blah blah blah Racism my granny's arse
  14. racism lol how old are you 20s? the power of brainwashing
  15. and throw a tantrum should anyone question him or mccoist
  16. The time to do it is before not after the event. OUr transfer deals show all the zeal of prohibition being over. I shudder to think of our wage bill.
  17. Let us not get sidetracked about football, this is about a fans grouping that seems to be in the thrall of a few peoples poliotical desires rather than the long term good of the club. Just when will the RST question the current wage to t/o ratio in light of the huge influx of players.
  18. It's easier to bum up big lee than ask what the hell he adds and why does he get paid such an outragous salary. Most people are only interested in the football and that is fine but the RST should be interested in everything BUT the football.
  19. There is even talk of mccoist siging craig gordon ffs. The RST should be calling for wholesale changes to the way we operate as a football club. No players over 30 signed. No salary spending over 30-40% of t/o No players paid over £5k whilst we are outwith the SPL. Manager and coaching staff to cost less than 500K pa whilst we are outwith the SPl. Rather than pander to the masses they should be looking after the details of the club that the masses aren't interested in.
  20. As long as VB have a place on the board my concerns disappear as I know I will get clarity. Until they are represented, in a meaningful way, the RST will continue to fail its members and continue to be involved in blowing smoke u peoples arses for well apparently no reason. If I was on the board I would be issuing a press release noting, with concern, the on-going spending spree currently taking place in the club for no apparent reason and wanting clarification that we are not exceeding 30% of our t/o on salaries. Then again I am interested in the club not the precious ego of smith.
  21. Apart from being rather too handy at preventing free speech I know little of dingwall. So as it is me who is always harping on with what you have described let me a tad more conciliatory MD has a forum too so should be allowed to remain, the board cut to 8 with RM and VB also included. Thereafter the rest of the board comprising senior professional/business leaders. Then we have a bit of faith that a reflective board is in place.
  22. No we can vote four people out, I have been told. Ergo the status quo will remain.
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