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  1. There is that.. The guy I rent my basement flat out to is dreading the game.. we watched both Rangers games and this Arsenal game against Slavia, and he is dreading it. he knows they are shite.
  2. They wont.. I have a sickening feeling about them.. They will do Arsenal in Prague.
  3. Im sure its just his agent planting stories. There is no fucking chance that they would be looking at him.
  4. ...and I doubt very much that Bayern are looking at him.
  5. They will no doubt throw everythijng they have after Howe now...only for him to be a rip roaring disaster.. I can see it happening!
  6. One of the best games of the season for me. I have a feeling that Bayern will go through as well.
  7. Huge job to beat them by two goals away, but if anyone can do it then its Bayern.
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