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  1. Fucking hell. Their PR is very, VERY bad!
  2. Aye, but.. Lennon in the middle there?? That real or is it added? Who the fuck thought that was a good idea (if real?)????
  3. That is creepy as fuck.. surely thats not real?!
  4. Fuck knows. I dont think common sense can be applied to their seasons effort, to be fair!!
  5. Not going too well for them, is it
  6. Surely they have already? I reckon he goes after the Wed game.
  7. Oaft. Distancing themselves from their own manager?? They are a fucking hoot at the minute!!
  8. There is more to a game of football than goal/assists, you know. He might not be a standout every game, but to ignore the fact that he is contributing to a winning Rangers side is just silly. It is a team game, after all.
  9. Meltdown! If I was his PR adviser I would be fucking furious. Total amateur hour! Glorious.
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