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  1. Balogun would be first name on the teamsheet only a couple of years ago.. Its amazing how far we have come.
  2. He was very good before the injury as well. People clearly choose to remember his game against Livi away, which wasnt great. He did seem to misjudge every ball, probably due to a plastic pitch.
  3. Big blow for them not to get rid of big earners then. It does explain the loans.
  4. Interesting. Their wage bill must be huge.
  5. I think we are only now starting to see the team grasp the tactics fully. We have grown from a team that was very good at playing football to a team that is a lot wiser. Its as if we choose when to play. We are extremely good off the ball and guide our opposition into certain positions and let "pressing victims" get the ball before knicking it off them. I would recommend everyone to buy the article about it on The Athletic.
  6. Helanders tackle in the box early on in the game was absolutely phenomenal!!
  7. One of which was offside and the other arguably a foul.
  8. It is. It just shows how well coached we actually are and that some players are actually doing good tactical work even though it isnt the most exciting.
  9. Reason is well documented in the latest "The Athletic" article. A major part of our game is how we guide the opposition to where we want them. Then we squeeze them and win the ball. Barker does a lot of tactical work. The players that werent on international duty spent a lot of time practising all of this. This is how the scum were so ineffective.
  10. I know, but you just know it would happen.
  11. Thing is.. if Brown gets cited for this then Morelos will get cited for his slap as well.
  12. I never caught this when watching it. Surely this gets punished?
  13. Read the article from The Atletic, if you can. A breakdown of how we play. Interestingly, it also tells you why we started with Barker. We were implimenting our gameplan over the international break and it was important that we used players that were actually there and not throwing someone in who hadnt been there. I know some werent happy with him starting, but there was a reason for it.
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