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  1. Why is Southgate England Manager?? Is the England job not a prestigious one?? What has he done to earn it? England might be winning, but they look absolutely awful. If they were playing the likes of Germany then they would be getting horsed!!
  2. I just cannot comprehend how a professional setup doesnt have a clue about what goes on south of the border in terms of standards, fitness, training in general. Its absolutely mental, considering the wages on offer. The Club should always be aware of what goes on in the best of training grounds and even leading the way. If you arent fit enough then everything else in your game suffers.
  3. There is a big difference, in my opinion. Steven Gerrard was completely unknown as a coach/manager. They were basing it on nothing. Steven Gerrard has worked with the best Managers/coaches throughout his footballing life. He knows what is required at the very top level. This guy IS know as a manager / coach. We can see what his teams look like. We know that he has NOT worked at the highest levels. There is a massive difference.
  4. Exactly. Steven Gerrard is always gonna get more time than Stavros. He needs to hit the ground running big time.
  5. Yes, exactly. He is also strict/set on his ways which seems to not work with Scots (Le Guen) - especially if you are a nobody. Gerrard at least is a superstar.
  6. Amen. Our proper rebuild began with Gerrard. Even with a quality backroom staff it took us 3 years. He also learnt in his first year that pretty attacking football wasnt gonna work. He had to change and came up with the answer. Stavros, by all accounts, is stubborn and doesnt compromise as far as philosophy is concerned. This will be his downfall.
  7. This. Its not easy building a team. Especially one that is all out attack AND successful over a season. It requires a lot of cash and the right players. They are rarely cheap. Disaster written all over it.
  8. Well it usually ends in tears and rage. It will just be much worse after theyve built it up ;)
  9. This guys defences seem faaar less organised than Warburtons. Im judging this purely on highlights etc, but when they lose the ball in midfield/final third they seem to have no defence at all.. he obviously likes his entire team to attack while his goalkeeper plays as a sweeper. If he implements this, then he wont last long at all.
  10. I want the media to keep building him up.. bring out all the ex players and kiss this guys ass. The meltdown will just be even bigger. This is gonna end them
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