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  1. That is absolutely shocking. Where is Barkas? They are trying to win games inside 20 mins and then look fucked for the remainder of the game. We are only 7 games in and they are showing signs of fatigue, in my opinion. The injuries they are getting are no doubt a sign of them being absolutely exhausted. It will only get worse, in my opinion.
  2. I might not understand Angeball, but I think I like it
  3. Apparently they started with two RBs on the pitch and two LBs on the bench
  4. Well that put a smile on my face
  5. As long as it finishes 0-1 im fine with it. Across the city we have a team going 150% all games and they are littered with injuries and fatigue already. I know what I prefer.. its a long season.
  6. The black one? I think its ok.. purple is far better. Looking forward to our 4th strip.. I reckon its gonna be a total beauty!
  7. You cannae belive youve sat and watched 78 mins of Rangers? No matter how shite we play, there is fuck all better than watching Rangers.
  8. That was never a red card for McL there.. he did fuck all wrong.. player made a meal of it but was a pen.
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