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  1. I dont know the french group but the FSE is a massive organisation and definitely not an unknown fan group.
  2. This is an absolute farce. I would get in touch with FSE (Football Supporters Europe) and see what can be done. They are good guys.. I represent a supporters group in the FSE fold and they are there to help in this kind of situation!!
  3. Its really strange.. Lacazette and Abou were top class at one point.. however they are done.
  4. This. By all accounts we had a second string B team out playing against a team with relatively high quality.
  5. I would like us to win this game.. how much is it worth in cash?
  6. Dundee United are very, very pish.
  7. I know nothing about DU, but assume they are shite. If they weather the 30 min storm then they can get something. Highly doubt it though. Its in our hands.
  8. Mine is absolutely spot on. I see poeple complain every now and then but I never experience the problems they have.. Its a local problem almost every time.
  9. We had a couple of moments today, but on the whole a shitload better!
  10. I remember thinking that those performances were boring.. but as you grow older its the performance you prefer. Controlled and never in doubt. Lower stress levels. Nice.
  11. Brilliant play and great pass from Morelos!! Unlucky FashioN!!
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