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  1. another one from Orange County FC :
  2. Couldn't have said it better myself!
  3. Is this open to all rangers forum groups? Reason I ask is that my company developed the bouncy bouncy app which has an embedded forum, they have not been officially invited I guess due to it being an embedded iPhone app forum .
  4. didn't realise that, maybe another scouting trip to south america
  5. Good point, question is can we sign over 18 players in loan, we had a few the other year, Weiss diouf etc. Scenario: Gattusso secures another 12 months at Milan, then Milan do us a favour and loans him out to us for 12 months,?
  6. A vote of no confidence by lobbying other clubs on the SPL or the SFL board may be a step forward but the problem is most of them hate us.
  7. I would be interested just trying to get in touch with my family who would kill fir these!
  8. Funnily enough, I just visited and was promoted to take part in an online survey (11.30am), kindly told them that they journalists seem to have an biased view of my particular team!! Didnt go into specifics, diplomacy and all that. Still no update on the takeover.
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