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  1. Gogzy- where in Fife are youfrom ?  I lived in Glenrothes for 30 years before I moved to Sweden

    1. gogzy


      Buckhaven mate.

    2. Blue Viking

      Blue Viking

      Been there on many occasions - think I was dating a girl there in my younger days - thanks for the reply

  2. Hi, can you delete my account? cheers

  3. https://youtu.be/CLu8Fl-Ju2w

  4. Gogzy, could you please delete my post on "cunts etc" in the OT threads. Sorry pal didn't look through previous and apparently there was a similar thread.

  5. Just noticed the smart one has deleted more of my posts during the night. It seems this guy is allowed to name call as he puts it and put everybody down with his arrogant left wing views but as soon as anyone questions him or gives him some stick back , their posts are deleted. These posts that the clown deletes have already been recommended by others . This is not how the forum should be run and i don't understand why this clown is allowed to do any of this stuff to others on here.

    I get plenty stick on here and give it back but never complain or want posts took down.

    1. gogzy


      is it the post where you called him a fuckwit amongst other things?     if so then I understand why it was removed.


      Your post was a bit OTT with the abuse, I don't mind members getting into it a bit, and sometimes stuff gets said that shouldn't be.   You can't go off on the staff like that though.   If non abusive posts are deleted then I will have more of an issue.


      Also if he has been abusive towards you then report the posts and the admin will look into it.


      This probably won't be the answer you are looking for :lol:

    2. sassaaaa


      Its exactly the answer i expected , we have a left wing apologist running amok on here every day , the guy gets away with murder and consistently bad mouths folk with no comeback. Then the minute he gets some back he starts deleting posts.

      I have been called far worse many many times on here because someone disagreed with my point and never even complained about it.

      The fuckwit reply was deserved because he deleted more posts yesterday because he didn't agree with them.

      Its a sad day when this guy is allowed to tamper with anyones views on here and baffles me why he's even a mod .

      You , keep up the good work , you are usually level headed.

  6. Hi mate The Booler was asking when he can get back on to the board. Iam sure you said his ban was up.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. minstral


      Thanks mate

    3. gogzy


      tell him to log out and log back in,  see if gthat worked?    his ban should be up :lol:

    4. gogzy


      :lol:  he has been unbanned,  not sure why it didn't happen automatically.


      peter says to tell booler to behave himself haha :lol:

  7. Hi Gogzy,

    I can't remember how to do a spoiler alert. Please could you put one on my post in the game of thrones thread just in case i predict the finale correct. I wouldn't want to spoil it for anyone. 

    Kind regards

    Sweetheart x

  8. Quickly Gogzy close the thread now I'm in the positive. As usual fellow gers fans helped me our big time  :541:

  9. Gogzy, how do I remove my vote on the merger thread.  I just saw the RM vote not realising it was for RF members only.


    1. gogzy


      you need to edit the OP, then use the "poll" tab to edit the poll,  can you remove comptons yes vote too pls.

  10. New site is the bollocks (tu)

    Thank you 

  11. happy birthday mate. ftp


  13. You been checking me oot ya cunt haha?

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