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  1. Full back to full back, pinpoint stuff. This is some of the best football we have played in years (over the past few months)
  2. All over the park mate. The guy has came onto some amazing form.
  3. I'd love a good win today but will be happy with any win at all for us.
  4. I think before a ball was kicked in the groups, most would have bitten your hand off to be in the position we are in after 4 games. That being said, those 2 draws were kicks in the nuts, games we could and probably should have won. I'm very happy with our performance in Europe so far.
  5. He is off the ground with two arms on helanders shoulders stopping helander leaving the ground. It's a foul mate.
  6. Of course that's a foul. you're not allowed to hold your opponent down while you jump
  7. I'm pretty fair. I also don't mind being opinionated. I'm not paid to be on here and just listen to pish. I'll damn well post my own pish too. Should I not have opinions? Name the poster, report the posts if you think they should be dealt with. Don't just sit there howling at the moon about tarriers and gangs.
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