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  1. Win 4-0 away in Europe against a good team and we are still fighting among ourselves
  2. It's a combination of that, and our opponents are way less likely to throw ten men behind the ball.. Most of our opponents in Europe probably fancy themselves favourites against us. They come at us and pay the price.
  3. While we have not dominated possession as we often do, we have been clinical in front of goal, our set pieces have been good. our keeper has pulled off a couple of great saves. Very happy with this as I genuinely thought we were going to lose tonight.
  4. Losing tonight would be tough, but in no way a humiliation. This team finished 5th in the Dutch league. They are no mugs.
  5. I'll ban you both Stop fucking about with the report function :D
  6. Is this you saying you think we are getting put out tonight? I hate this thread. every time I see new posts my heart sinks. I know we talk about not breaking the bank, but I'd be OK with them ( if they are able) to push the boat out and try and bring in a new midfielder without selling Morelos. The new guys have not hit the ground running, and losing Morelos right now could be the seasons death knell.
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