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  1. For the most part, we are demolishing these teams. The best Rangers sides ever have went to places like Easter road and dropped points.
  2. There's always going to be bumps in the road mate.
  3. gogzy


    Ultimate fence sitting mode.... I can see the arguments on both sides here. He has definitely started playing deeper, working more for the team and playing a bit of a different role to last season. He is reasonably effective at it for the most part. That being said, his form has dipped, he isn't scoring goals, the rest of the team have proven they can play well and score without him. I think it's time for him to spend a week or two on the bench. He, like any other player who dips in form can be replaced with another player, and should have to earn his way back in. Apart from
  4. If all else fails we can bring Roofe on to pelt shots from the halfway line
  5. That's actually insane if you look at the opposition we have played.
  6. gogzy


    This looks like it might just be changing. I think Lennon has regressed them to a point where they are not just going to pick up three points every time they don't play us. They rode their luck in the last few weeks, winning by a single goal, sometimes late into the match. THe loss to us, the Milan then dropping points to the sheep could go either way. They might push on and regain form, or as I hope and think, they might implode and have a run of bad games or bad luck. Fuck them anyway, the only team that can beat us this season is us. If we lose it's going to be because we fucke
  7. Something like 5 shots on target in our last 4 games is it not?
  8. The entire front line for us will be learning so much from him.
  9. I think I fucked up both Too's there. Not even going to fix it
  10. Trying not to get excited as it's the hope that kills you. Pretty fucking hard not too though.
  11. Our bench being full of people who could easily be starters for us is massive IMO. We have so much more competition for places and I think it shows. Look at Bassey, Knows the guy in front of him is close to an auto pick for the manager. He has been given his chance and the boy is flying. Like you also say, I don't think we've ever really got out of second gear in the league yet. There are a few teams going to take a serious hammering from us this season. Long may it continue.
  12. are you sure? Not sure if it's just me being admin, but I can see who voted for what.
  13. Disagree. We have played 3 games in 7 days, one against the tarriers and a seriously hard fought game on Thrursday. We always talk about how we struggle to break these teams down when they play 11 men behind the ball, we've done that twice today. While it's not the best game to watch, this result puts us 6 in front at the top of the table. Nothing can take that shine away :D
  14. I think it's more to do with us already being 2-0 up and having played 3 games in 7 days mate. No need to play everything at 100mph.
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