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  1. simon


    I don't trust Warburton to buy good players.
  2. simon

    The Gun.

    No, no, no, gay whale?, no and yes.
  3. simon

    The Gun.

    I will continue to not enjoy the noise. I will continue to go to the games.
  4. Loved the game yesterday, so many positives. Could have been any score. Hopefully start putting some wins together now
  5. simon

    The Gun.

    I am not sure what me not liking a noise has to do with being British.
  6. simon

    The Gun.

    Nope and nope. Just not a fan of the noise.
  7. simon

    The Gun.

    I will continue not to enjoy the loud gun.
  8. simon

    The Gun.

    That's the spirit.
  9. simon

    The Gun.

    No. He doesn't like a loud gun. It is that simple. People need to work out the difference between what they read and what they think they have read.
  10. simon

    The Gun.

    I don't like the gun. You like the gun. Nobody has disrespected any service men or women. Grow up.
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