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  1. Fancy us today, going to have to happen at somepoint. Might as well be today. I will take anything, just give us 3 points and shut these cunts up
  2. Sharing the joy, my joy.
  3. Great start to the season.
  4. He send you anything else?
  5. Bunnet and beard my man
  6. No defending that performance. The balls were weird right enough, burst inside wrapped in velcro, I thought a wee tap and it would have traveled but did it fuck.
  7. Not changing the headline was poor. The quotes are intelligent and well thought out. Not bullshit ultimatums.
  8. was flapping like fuck, Ibrox is an intimidating place from that level.
  9. I will let you work that one out.
  10. That was me making a cunt of myself at half time. Please slag away.
  11. Yeh, totally agree with that. They made a big deal of bringing Frank Mcparland and so far we got Barton and Rossiter.
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