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  1. This might as well become the Clancy thread, cunt is at it every game.
  2. Tbh, Eduoard's incident isn't any worse than Flanagan's on brown at the end of Gerrard's first season. He got banned then won his appeal against it. Of course I'd be delighted to see him get banned for 3 games though. It would definitely be getting highlighted more if it was Morelos that was involved.
  3. Good call actually, VI is superb. The Chrono games are also highly thought of, though I've never managed to get round to playing them
  4. Yeah, I agree. Start with 7,8 and 9.
  5. I know this is an FF 13 thread, but I thought I'd just throw this up in here. http://kotaku.com/5840027/final-fantasy-x-is-coming-to-playstation-vita-and-ps3-in-hd
  6. http://finalfantasyxiii2.wordpress.com/2011/06/08/andriasang-final-fantasy-xiii-2-team-interview-incl-multiple-endings-new-game/ The direction seems promising for the new game.
  7. The majority of the main story is cutscenes and battles until you reach chapter 10. Then it opens up sidequests and so on. Thats the main critcism of the game for me, too linear during the main story. I did enjoy the story, but the battle system was the main draw for me.
  8. Aye, junctioning 100 Deaths to status defense and using meltdown to reduce his vitality to 0 were vital to winning. You mean Ruby and Emerald Weapon? They were tough as fuck. I've not fought them for years, haven't got much into disc 2 of my replay of FF7 on the PSP. I think I used a strategy relying on Knights of the Round, HP Absorb and Mime. I can't remember exactly though.
  9. Yeah, Adamantoise was what you could farm the item from, they were pretty tough. I liked the idea of upgrading, but I would have prefered if you could find the weapons and then upgrade them. Like XIII, I suppose.
  10. Limit breaks kept things pretty easy for me. I remember you could quite easily avoid the need to level up too much by just junctioning magic to your stats and attacks.
  11. I dunno how much time I've spent playing the card game. So many days I expect ha. You could manipulate the rules, I remember, by challenging them and declining a couple of times until they just offered up a battle with one regions rules instead of combining them. I'm pretty sure I've beaten the Omega Weapon without refining that card. You shouldn't need to refine the cards, they're just there as another option. (For example, Minotaur card refines into Adamintines for the Lionheart gunblade if you can't be arsed farming them). You can re-claim refined cards anyway on disc 4.
  12. I agree about the World Map/sidequests thing. I read an interview about why things were so linear and they felt that it added focus and drive to the mainstory, while still offering various side-quests but I don't think they seem to realise how perfect that balance was in FFVII and VIII. To be honest, I still enjoyed X a lot but the lack of a world map and airship to physically fly around in was a disappointment to me. It wasn't a major sticking point for me, though.
  13. Finally got round to finishing this off. Technically I've completed 24 chapters! My PS3 died when I was on chapter 11 so I had to start again. Thoroughly enjoyed the game. There are some aspects which could be improved, and probably will be in XIII-2, but there's more positives than negatives in my opinion. Battle system, story, leveling system were all + points for me while Graphics and visuals were stunning (as expected). The game was a bit linear, but it kept me focused. While I will probably re-visit my save file to take on some of the side-quests in Gran-Pulse.
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