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  1. But the league's over and they are in trouble etc etc. Long way to go in the league yet. (and in this game )
  2. Man of the match today IMO. Carving a side like Livi open early on is crucial to us having a successful day and he did that on several occasions in the first half. Some really clever touches in and around the box too and got absolutely battered for his troubles without it impacting his performance.
  3. 3 points required here, all that matters now. Come on Rangers!!
  4. His backheel flick that nutmegged the defender was sublime.
  5. Interesting he found those comments so upsetting. Has he commented on what his old pal Chris said in the media or??
  6. Tbh, trying to avoid predicting them collapsing. Seen it suggested umpteen times (often with legitimate reason), but it hasn't happened yet. Livingston will undoubtedly give us a game on Sunday, win that one and it's a huge test against Killie to prove that we've learned lessons from this season and last. Any dropped points by them is a bonus, but I've been waiting for Aberdeen to turn up against them in a match that matters for about 10 years. When we dropped points at Livi away this season we could have gone 11 points clear as they were still on COVID suspension, so this is a simi
  7. McKissock


    I'll feel more convinced if we manage to put together a run of wins now - especially away to Killie.
  8. Thought he was excellent. His first touch, movement and trickery kept them guessing. Makes a difference when you can reliably give someone the ball and more often than not they'll either do something creative or at the very least keep the ball moving sharply. Defensive work rate has always been a crucial part of his game too. Unlucky not to score with his volley.
  9. Most underrated in our side, IMO. Prone to a lapse in concentration from time to time, but when he's on it - his composure on the ball is crucial.
  10. Despite Goldson being the match winner, he was my MOTM and the pick of the defenders. Between him or Kamara. Bossed it.
  11. Excellent again today. Picked the right passes, doubled up on anyone who tried to get on knockdowns and strolled it. Long may it continue.
  12. Absolutely in bits man. No excuses today. Concentrate for 90 minutes and get the job done Rangers!
  13. I'd be surprised if the government were to make any kind of exception for Christie, considering this is the club that nearly had them shut down the game again after the Bolingoli incident. Making an exception, after the most stringent set of rules since March were announced, would be absolute suicide.
  14. Someone pointed out that if you asked fans of the PL and Championship whether they'd swap the manager of the team they support for Solskjaer, there'd probably only be about 10 at the most, of the 44, that would say yes.
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