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  1. I fully expect when they show the replay of Brown's flukey goal at half time it will be followed by numerous angles of his elbow and the narrative that he shouldn't have been on the park to score.
  2. Brown elbowing cunts off the ball again.... just a coming together.
  3. Crocker still fucking at it. Commentating on Killie v them. Just as they are about to kick off talking about Morelos' "much talked about incident." Absolute rabid cunt.
  4. Is that right? If so fantastic. The tims seem to be of the opinion he can go at the end of the season without a pay off.
  5. Lennon picking his snus out of his gums and throwing it on the pitch the dirty cunt.
  6. No complaints here. Gives livi another few minutes to take all 3 points.
  7. I honestly don't think I've ever seen Batkas make a save of note. Him and Duffy should be getting targeted off every single team.
  8. A cheeky wee offside goal. The officials really are against them this year eh?
  9. how you doing mate, any chance of making me a sig?would be muchos apreciatos

  10. How did u make that Davis pic mate :D?

  11. yer dugs got nipples.


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