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  1. Hes shit scared to put himself in a position where he will get injured and miss out on sitting on Colombias bench.
  2. Morelos' value drops every passing game. He is so fucking wasteful.
  3. The most shocking thing so far is that a referee in Scotland actually spotted both handballs.
  4. Thankfully the ref can't hear Andy Walker, the cunt is begging for one.
  5. Controversial my arse. Its a clear handball and clear penalty. Fucking give me Rangers TV coverage any day.
  6. concierge@rangersstore.co.uk Emailed on this mate.
  7. 2 hours after emailing and threatening to do a charge back they refunded me. I preordered the kit for £60 and £5 shipping, they sent a damaged shirt. They directed me to a returns page that cost £3.50 to return the shirt. They finally refund £60. All in all it has cost me £8.50 for the inconvenience. Castore and their kits can fuck right off.
  8. I returned a damaged home shirt 3 weeks ago. Contacted them to chase up my refund, they asked for my tracking number which I provided in the original email. Gave them it again and still no response after 4 days. I'm just going to initiate a chargeback on my credit card and will be very hesitant about buying any of their stuff again.
  9. https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/18687846.clive-tyldesley-joining-Rangers-wouldnt-say-no-celtic-becoming-part-scottish-football-scene/ He has just retweeted this article. Not going to lie, this has made me think a lot less of him. He's not a Rangers fan and I don't need him to fall in love with us or fawn over us but I would quite like him to be loyal and not try and whore himself out to our most hated rivals.
  10. RIP Tam. Horrible news.
  11. Mark my words. If were 7 clear by Christmas Lennon will have the cunts licking doorknobs.
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