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  1. Shame your mum wasn't Kate McCann.
  2. Is that right? If so fantastic. The tims seem to be of the opinion he can go at the end of the season without a pay off.
  3. Lennon picking his snus out of his gums and throwing it on the pitch the dirty cunt.
  4. No complaints here. Gives livi another few minutes to take all 3 points.
  5. I honestly don't think I've ever seen Batkas make a save of note. Him and Duffy should be getting targeted off every single team.
  6. A cheeky wee offside goal. The officials really are against them this year eh?
  7. Fair enough. 😂 I just got caught up in the sea of negativity and struggled to filter the sarcasm. 😂
  8. We are going to win this game and most definitely win the league. It shows how good we have it this season when this is the reaction to conceding a goal. 😂
  9. They rangers masks are shite tho. Far too big and falling off everyone's face. 😂
  10. I've took the weekend of 15-16th May off work for the official end of season title party and will just hold an impromptu party as and when too.
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